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At 2,000 sq ft it is built to be very eco-friendly, it has 2 lofts which can be converted to bedrooms, green house, studio, office and 2 baths, a 3.6 Kilowatt solar powered source of electricity and water. This recycled shipping container home is perfect for small urban lots, can be positioned or situated for maximum access to sunlight, has a foundation of 40 concrete piers, and is designed to be placed at least 3.5 ft off the ground if the building regulations require that.
Inside the home, the walls are made of and fortified with closed cell foam placed inside the steel lumber while the ceiling is fortified with recycled denim and enclosed in the wood lumber. To maintain and regulate the temperature, moisture, condensation and humidity like in traditional homes , SuperTherm ceramic coating is applied to the external walls. This shipping container home is also surrounded with recycled urbanite or broken concrete planting areas, landscape and gardens. Recycled shipping container homes are great because they are affordable, cheaper and easier to maintain that traditional homes. Time to build: It usually takes about 2-4 months to build lovely recycled shipping container homes depending on the amenities, design and company handling the construction.
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The shipping container structure includes an assembly and office space, cold storage facilities and show room. For this conversion of a shipping container into a building, energy is easily conserved and less wasted, it’s easy to construct and promotes a healthy environmentally conscious lifestyle. This shipping container conversion structure is an exciting insight into what building structures can look like in the nearest future.
Bioclimatic design, recycling, reuse, reduction of building materials; clean and renewable energy use. The structure consists of the three shipping containers, combined with other materials such as wood, recycled aluminum and others. Its location, on top of a hill dominating the landscape, generating a permeability in its east-west axis.

The house is spread around this great common space with volumes much more closed in the north-south axis. The shape of the house itself responds to a bioclimatic design to suit the climat conditions of the place. The inner enclosure is formed by recycled cellulose insulation projected onto the sheet inside the container and ecological finished panels of gypsum and cellulose fiber.
The recycled shipping container houses the red cedar lined interior, and solar panels help keep the Sauna Box completely self sufficient. Not just because of their affordability, but also because  they are environmentally friendly and can be stylishly designed.
If worked right, the ceramic coating can actually increase the aesthetic appeal of the home. Water collected from the first storey roofs is channelled through the installed gutters into designated tanks while those from the ground floor roofs are drained to the surrounding garden and landscape. Unlike traditional homes, new shipping container homes can be ready in 2-4 months, give or take.
These incredibly designed Infiniski shipping container conversions were carried out by using 5 recycled shipping containers, are able to help the owner save costs, reduce environmental pollution and save energy thanks to solar energy cross ventilated openings and the use of excellent insulation components.
Shipping container designs are both modern and helps conserve space or promote the efficient use of space. All these concepts converge in the Casa Manifesto - recycled shipping container house designed by James & Mau and built by Infiniski. The construction is based on a modular prefabricated design, which allows to limit transport costs and pollution on site.
The ground floor is occupied by a large common area, which includes living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and terraces. Through a large glass area, the sensation of being in the most social area of the house is to be under a big bridge in the middle of nowhere. At the same time intentionally, the construction system of the house is covered with skin, playing through its horizontal elements, generates a wealth of light and shade that helps to dematerialize the volumes.

So, the house "dresses" in summer and "undressing" winter sun through facades and roof skin.
With these elements of passive thermal insulation, and the incorporation of alternative energy technology (solar thermal panels) the recycled shipping container house achieves 70% energy independence. Other notable features include a wood burning stove, electric guitar hookup for entertaining your friends, integrated iPod stereo, and a whole lot more. This award winning and beautifully constructed six container recycled shipping container home was designed by Ecosa Design Studio. As a result, the structure from the shipping container conversions is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also, eco-friendly.
This system suggests the complete realization of the house design, integrating possible extensions - fast and consistent, in case the client's space needs will change over time. The master bedroom with bath, living room, two rooms with shared bathrooms and terraces form the area of the second floor. To achieve this architects used two types of skin: one based on fixed horizontal wood slats and other mobile pallet, which can be opened individually to control solar radiation. The main atrium space allows for natural daylight lighting, thanks to the fibreglass walls. It also serves as ingenious aesthetic finish to help integrate it into its rural surroundings. Designed by James and  Mau and constructed by Infiniski, this commercial container conversions project in Talca, Chile is about 150 meters square with an additional 35 meter square of undercover terraces.

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