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The AswaRain Harvesting System from Molloy Precast is designed to collect, store and recycle rainwater for use in anything from a domestic house to a large commercial premises.
Rainwater is a free natural resource which you can capture, store and use in your own home whether it is an existing building or a new build. Storage Tank a€“ The Aswarain system includes a Molloy Precast concrete tank, which has several advantages over plastic systems. Leaf Filter a€“ Rainwater will collect leafs and other solids from the roof and gutter system which need to be removed.
Calmed inlet a€“ Dissolved solids such as sand and grit will be carried into the system, these pass through the leaf filter unaffected, however, they will settle to the bottom of the tank, hence not affecting the quality of the outflow. Submersible pump a€“ Rainwater is pumped from the tank into the premises by a pump positioned off the floor of the tank to prevent the settled dissolved solids from contaminating the house supply. Gross and suspended solids are removed by the basic Aswarain system; however other contaminants such as colloidal solids and pathogens may remain in the rainwater. Pressure vessel a€“ This device ensures a consistent pressure is maintained through the subsequent equipment and hence pipe network. Course and fine filter a€“ This system removes all colloidal solids from the rainwater ensuring the UV light operates to its maximum potential.
UV light a€“ The UV light kills all pathogens in the rainwater providing a clean water supply. To prevent overflow of the Aswarain system in times of heavy rain, a storm bypass can be incorporated in the design. See below a sample of commercial projects in Ireland with Molloy Precast Rainwater Harvesting Systems.
See below a sample of Molloy Precast Rainwater Harvesting Systems installed for usage in industry.

See below a sample of National Schools in Ireland with Molloy Precast Rainwater Harvesting Systems. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to phone us on 057 93 26000 or contact us. Connect with Molloy Precast to keep up to date with industry news and to be better informed with articles from our knowledge base.
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Each system is custom engineered to ensure optimised performance, reliability and cost effectiveness. There are a variety of tank sizes available, and it is important that the tank size chosen is suitable for your house.
A leaf filter is fitted on the inlet pipe; this collects all gross solids preventing them from contaminating the stored water. To prevent the inrush of water from disturbing these solids a calmed inlet is installed on the inlet pipe.

The pressurised system eliminates the need for the header tank, and a pressure vessel is installed to maintain a consistent pressure in the subsequent pipe network. This water is perfectly suitable for use in toilets, irrigating gardens and for washing cars.
Sterilisation is instant and is not residual, meaning that contamination can occur further down the pipe network. It is important that each system is sized appropriately to enhance operation and increase cost effectiveness.
Our engineers will design an appropriate system considering the roof size, rainfall, rainwater application and occupancy. A variety of pumps are available for high or low delivery, depending on the rainwater application. For those who wish to use rainwater for hygiene purposes, A Molloy Precast offer an optional treatment system which will produce a water suitable for use in washing machines, and as hot water for showers and sinks.
Our engineers will consider your roof size, rainfall, applications and occupancy to ensure you are provided with an appropriate system.
We manufacture large variety of precast tanks for a wide range of uses; this allows us to combine different sized tanks to provide you with an accurately sized system.

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