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These new 20ft side opening shipping containers are very popular with customers wanting quick and easy access to items stored. Also recently we have seen a lot more interest in conversions into self contained mobile exhibition stands, cafes and snack stands and retail outlets. As you look from the outside at the end opening doors, the side opening doors are always to the right hand side. If price is a major concern please do get in touch to discuss, we may be able to offer a number of other solutions such as fitting cargo doors into the side of a used shipping container for you. Below we’ve made a quick 1 minute video to show how the doors operate on our ranges of 20ft side opening shipping containers to help answer a very common question.
Get a full quote now!Prices shown can vary by region and do not include delivery, so please use our simple quote form for an exact price including delivery. Operations & Accounts: The Coach House, Oldberrow Manor, Ullenhall Lane, Ullenhall B95 5PE. The 20ft ISO Storage Container or 20ft shipping container for sale comprises 14-gauge corrugated steel and marine grade plywood flooring with a safe, secure cargo door on one end of the container. ISO storage containers in “as is” condition have the potential for being damaged in the shipping process, structural problems or significant rust. Often used for pallets, or for the storage of large and bulky items that won’t fit through the end doors of a shipping container.
Only some of the ranges of side opening containers we have available have floor mounted lashing points – so if you need these for securing your cargo please make clear to us early on.
If you need to store pallets but don’t want to spend your time digging out a pallet from the wrong end of a standard shipping container then this solution can be ideal. We may also be able to take a used container and modify it to have curtain access along the side. Where possible we have given a range on known variations in dims between ranges but we can’t guarantee this to be totally accurate for all ranges.

Essentially, the IICL has created a standard of inspection that insures that a 20ft ISO Storage Container is in adequate condition to be long-term leased for cargo transportation. Container Alliance signature refurbished units are not just “repainted”; they are fully refurbished.
Wind and Water Tight or “WWT containers” are the most affordable yet functional cargo boxes you will find. Also if you have any rapid response storage requirements, or if your storing any stock thats simply too big to fit through the end doors in a shipping container. If you have a specific sized problem or item to load that’s near these dims please double check with us in advance and if needs be we will get someone to measure your exact container before delivery. This inspection criteria is mainly used by financial institutions, but we have found that it also guarantees a high-quality standard that insures your used container not only carries enough value but will also be dependable and last for many years. The 20ft Storage Container is first carefully selected, and then thoroughly inspected prior to work being done on the unit.
While Container Alliance typically does not deal with this condition category, ask your local sales rep about availability as they may become available at certain times.
Ask your Container Alliance sales rep today to quote you an IICL rated 20ft ISO Storage Container. The used shipping container typically has surface rust where it has been scratched or dented which is ground down and removed, exposing raw steel.
If your needs include shipment or there is a chance you may want to ship your container in the future, we recommend purchasing a cargo worthy 20ft Storage Container. These units are typically randomly colored and contain surface rust mainly where they have been scratched or dented.
This marine grade container is available in virtually every port city throughout the United States.
We offer one trip containers in various sizes and door configurations from 10ft to 40ft in length with doors on one or both ends.

You may be surprised at the little amount extra you will pay above cargo worthy for these excellent units. Although this conditional category is a must for shipping we have found these containers insure a higher quality storage or special project unit.
When you work with Container Alliance, your 20ft Storage Container will be guaranteed to be Wind and Water Tight for at least two years, so ask your local sales rep about this particular condition category, as it is the most cost-efficient portable storage solution.
The addition of these elements also results in a high strength steel that typically exhibits a 50 ksi minimum yield strength. The ISO shipping container is built to withstand 60,000 pounds of cargo, and is the most dependable heavy weight shipping vehicle in the world. Corten steel has become the standard shipping containers, steel bridges and building exposed to a marine environment. Factory Paint These containers are manufactured, and painted in a controlled environment using multiple layer paint application. ISO shipping containers are widely considered the best structure for any applications where structural integrity and security is paramount. For more information on one trip containers, call your local sales representative today to find out which option best suits your needs. Container Alliance or one of our partners can quote you for a 20ft one trip container today.
After the paint dries, the 20ft Storage Container goes through one last inspection process, which involves testing the cargo doors and fixing them to insure that they are functioning properly. We offer 20ft storage containers in all condition levels from new “one trip” units, IICL-5, cargo worthy, wind and watertight and “as is”.
The finished product on a 20ft refurbished storage container for sale provides more aesthetic value than a container that is labeled by the shipping line, and will last much longer than an untreated shipping container. Chances are you will also receive a container that was sprayed outdoors with water based paint which will only last a shorter amount of time then the factory paint. No shipping label These containers are not painted bright colors with a shipping label company advertisement on them.

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