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Refurbished shipping containers aren’t just useful for clever economical housing anymore. With a painted logo on the outside and complete renovation on the inside, the shipping containers’ past life is well-disguised.
The store is actually not the first example of Puma’s efforts in mass customization in its retail stores. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.

Un-realistic: LOT-EK, like Adam Kalkin and Jure Kotnik and have great concept designs but not usable or realistic architecture. While the structure of the shipping containers is evident in the multiple frames created by the knocking down of the shipping containers’ walls, the open and well-lit environment makes the industrial aesthetic seem almost intentional. Virtually any structural engineer who works with shipping containers knows the strength is only on the corners and not in the middle. Additionally, built-in details, such as the two decks located on the upper floors and recessed lighting, gives the store a greater sense a permanence and less like a prefabricated structure that can simply be folded up and moved.

Back then, the athletic brand was able to set the entire store up in less than a week thanks to the fold-out capabilities of container architecture.
To overlap or crisscross containers can be done for art or concepts, but in reality the cost of added steel supports, engineering fees and re-certification to make them legal and pass building inspections is entirely unrealistic and unaffordable.

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