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Atelierworkshop believe shipping containers can be an effective answer for various scale architectural projects and if site access, portability, security, robustness are issues. The shipping container is the container used to transport the good from one part of the world to another. This portable vacation home is based on a fully enclosed steel shell, positioned on six stable concrete footings.
This portable shipping container holiday home was built in Hangzhou, China and transported to New Zealand.
It’s portable, secure, stylish, and can comfortably accommodate two adults and two children.

You will have to check with the manufacturer – find the link at the end of our review. So ideas of creating a shipping container homes was originated by noticing that it is so comfortable to deal with. Windows can be created in the walls of the container and the door in the container to maintain entrance. These shipping container homes are provided with full electricity supply in order to make it more like a home. This container is not very spacey but still it can easily accommodate four people along with their luggage.

It is full of lights and proper supply of eclectic wiring helps in operating the eclectic appliances and the proper functioning of the container homes.

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