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Plastics as storage: Oh yeah those plastic tubs and containers can make even the messiest kitchen and fridge organized but beware! Minimize use of water bottles: Apart from the fact that you are polluting the environment you’re not 100 percent sure how pure bottled water is. Dry-clean bags outside: If you dry-clean your clothes, exercise caution and keep those plastic bags out. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
From colorful plastic lunch boxes to plastic bags the creation of plastic in 1868 started a plastic revolution where convenience became the key! Unless you have BPA safe plastics, use plastics only to store dry goods, fruit, veggies, nuts and other foods that do not require heating. Plastic bottles have small levels of BPA in them which get intensified in heat and extreme cold temperatures. They have a chemical called perchloroethylene, or PERC which is a common used dry clean agent. How to reduce exposure to harmful carcinogens? These are just some of the questions I will be addressing in this post.

I am not bashing plastic altogether but some caution exercised  in the of the use of plastics will help to minimize exposure to carcinogens and help treat the environment better! Once heat comes into contact with plastic it releases extra amounts of  harmful chemicals called BPA ( Bis Phenol A) which has been linked to carcinogens, especially breast cancer. If your clothes smell strongly of chemicals when you bring them home, it may be a sign that too much PERC was used. I would like to hear from you and if you would like to read about some foods that may prevent against breast cancer, click here!
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) and I am supporting the cause by writing some posts and recipes that create more awareness of Breast cancer. Example: Store salad in a pretty plastic container but not mac and cheese which needs reheating!
This chemical permeates the plastic used to cover dry cleaned clothes and when you bring it into your home it can permeate your home with potential carcinogens.
I have several dear friends who have braved this disease and a grand-mom who lived twenty years after a complete mastectomy so breast cancer is dear to my heart indeed!
If you have to store food that needs reheating in Tupperware or plastic, just transfer to pyrex or glass before heating!

Switch to home dry clean kits which use a gentler agent or whenever possible, use environmentally safer methods such as “wet cleaning,” which wash dry clean-only garments using special soap, and plain old water. You can also invest in clothes that do not need dry-cleaning or if you have to dry-clean just remove the plastic bag in the garage and air them out in the garage or outdoors for a bit before bringing them in. Appling the “better to be safe than sorry” rule I defrost in the fridge or under running water and remove the plastic  from the food before I defrost in the microwave. Although sporting a water bottle to the gym and when you are outdoors seems sensible, minimize use of bottled water in general. Economical and environmentally friendly these bottles and other similar filtration devices can save you some serious dollars and actually taste better.
I occasionally use plastic bottles for the sheer convenience of it when I do not have access to my reusable bottle but I try to only drink filtered water at home.

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