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With diesel versions of the New Beetle going relatively cheaply used, I’ve imagined turning one into a squareback or trucklet. Sjalabais - I consider it a major TTAC letdown that this was only posted 60 comments into the game. HotPotato - There was a certain block in my sister’s town where Isuzu Rodeos mysteriously died mid-block. Introduced in March of 1955, Chevrolet's new 'Task Force' series of trucks was quite a departure from their existing line of pickups.
Smooth, rounded sheet-metal replaced the old pontoon-style fenders, and large, wrap-around windshield glass offered better visibility and gave a more contemporary look. Taking styling cues from their very successful passenger car platform, Chevy's second-series pickups were re-engineered and restyled for mid '55.
Task Force trucks rode on a new, wider six-crossmember frame, allowing longer front and rear leaf springs to be fitted. Electrical systems, upgraded from 6 to 12 volts, were one of many improvements on the new series of trucks. The biggest news was Chevrolet's new small-block V-8 engine, introduced on 1955 passenger car models, was now offered with their trucks. More efficient and more powerful than the six-cylinder motor, the 265-cid V-8 was also 30 pounds lighter. Third-year Task Force pickups received a distinctive new grille that would be a one-year feature only.
Five transmissions were available: three-speed, heavy-duty three-speed, three-speed with overdrive, four-speed, or GM's Hydra-matic automatic.
Styling on all Chevy passenger car and truck models were changed to accommodate the industry-wide switch from two to four headlamps. The new Apache model came standard with painted grille and front bumper, and could be upgraded to chrome.
A recasting of the 283 small-block gave thicker cylinder walls and side motor-mount bosses. Before 1958, Chevrolet had used outside suppliers such as Minnesota-based NAPCO (Northwestern Auto Parts Company) to convert their light and medium-duty trucks to four-wheel-drive. In the five years Task Force trucks were produced, Chevy sold more pickups than any other manufacturer, capturing more than 30% of the market.
For the ultimate use of space, add the optional 2,000 lbs capacity Roller Coaster Slide-out Cargo tray in the truck bed. With the added benefit of being able to design this unit to fit your needs, the Pickup Pack™ may carry all your tools with even better accessibility. Nine reasons your company will save money by purchasing a Highway Products Pickup Pack™. 1) Initial Cost: Very often you just don't need the room of a full blown service body to carry your tools. 5) Cheaper Installation II: You don't have the expense of an upfitter to take the factory bed off your truck and install a service body. 6) Cheaper Reinstallation: You don't have to put the pickup bed back on your truck to sell it. 8) Higher Resale Value: The service body costs to transfer are generally not worth it so they usually get sold with the old truck.

9) On the job the same day: With a few hand tools and an electric drill you can be on the road the same day. But what we do know is, they carry a lot equipment to maintain the safety of our highways. Your Pickup Pack will come pre assembled in a well built crate to protect it during shipping.
All aluminum fishing rod holder that attaches to the bed rail of your pick up truck and no holes need to be drilled. Hi Bryan, I believe it is still available but she hasn’t come up with a price yet, maybe she is waiting for offers I think. I am working on a concept idea like that in LA, as school and work just will not meet the demand for housing. But its cheaper than dropping $10,000 plus a year for housing, of which I plan to save up for my first real tiny home. Around here, it seems like every LC sold since they adopted fuel injection is still accounted for. Chevy's venerable 'Stovebolt' Six, standard on all models, displaced 235-cid and produced 123-horsepower. The Custom Cab option included chrome interior door knobs, arm rests, dual-sun visors, a cigarette lighter, and a large wrap-around rear window. When closed, the hatch locks the tailgate, making the bed area secure and weather resistant.
You'll save time trying to find your tools, have a place for each supply item you carry, look professional, and save money at the same time.
Upfitter's tight schedules may take weeks before they can even get started on a service body install on your truck. Although these crates can be dropped off the back of the delivery truck, a forklift is handy to move it around. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. When prompted at checkout, click pay by Paypal first and then on the next screen click on "credit card" right below where it asks for your Paypal account information. You can pull out a small fold-out table and there’s even more space under the counter for storage. Side windows do not open but the front and back ones do open and have screen to keep the bugs out. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories.
I knew that in the early days the VW factory built a number of specialized vehicles to transport bodies and things around the grounds. I recently found this site and I am dumbfounded to see my creatation is so close to the 1946 VW Truck.
There is still an 8-10" space beneath the tool boxes for sheets of plywood or other cargo.
With a Pickup Pack™, your old truck still has the original bed on it which will sell a lot faster and for more money than a truck with a service body or without a bed on it. But have special built them for tree doctors, gas companies, water districts, electricians, US Government, pest control, and general contractors all over the country.

We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. The camper was built by a boat-builder I don’t know, but the interior ribs appear to have been cut to fit. When I was refurbishing it in my driveway, a previous owner saw it and said she thought it was about 30 years old. There will be no facilities or anything but right now I am in a van and my truck sits too often.
Maybe the tiny home concept will catch on down here and we’ll see more cabanas, truck campers and pull behind. Dogs aren’t cargo, yet many dog owners let them ride in the back as if they are a piece of lumber. Dogs can suffer broken limbs and injured joints when their owners hit the brakes in an emergency situation. In what might be the most surprising risk of all, dogs that ride in truck beds can be blown away in a gust generated by a passing semi trailer.
I cannot tell you how many dozens of times I have seen, usually older people above 50, with their pet poodle or other very small dog sit in their lap while driving in town I see usually with the doggies head sticking out the driver’s side window. I don’t really know if WI has a law on the books about this, but there should be since it would have to affect the driver’s turning ability at times you would think? It certainly pisses me off everytime they are usually driving way slower than they should be in town. I feel like honking the horn at these people and yelling at them to get that dog off their lap or I will call the cops with your license plate written down. His golden retriever, chained up in the back, somehow fell out and the truck ran him over dead right in front of me!!! A secure crate is ok and maybe even the loving owner that wants the dog to have a seatbelt when riding inside a vehicle.
She mostly laid in the bed right at the back of the cab and when she did stand I monitored traffic conditions as well as I could.
Inevitably, that’s not what I want to happen but I can also imagine her being hung by some restraint. There can still be accidents where they’d get injured legs, joints, etc with the shell so there is no end-all solution. She laid most of the time but there were times when she’d scratch her back using the tailgate.
The vet I talked to scared me straight – pets in vehicles need restraints just like people. Dog boxes are a great way to save a dog’s life, and the strap system keeps them from jumping out. I wonder if pet insurance would deny a claim if someone was in an accident and the dog was injured due to no doggy seatbelt in the backseat? TUNDRA is used in the title of this website solely to identify the subject of interest to the website.

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