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The 10-piece set provides you with a variety of functional sizes: the largest containers hold a five-pound bag of flour or sugar, and the smallest ones are great for storing snacks at the office. About the author: Being an engineer at heart, Margie Tsai has developed a passion for kitchen gadgets. Enter your email address to subscribe to Taste and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Start with a couple of containers and we're sure you'll quickly expand out to a full set like we did. I didn't even know they were living in my closet until I started doing some summer cleaning and saw the little nibbles in my sweaters. If you've ever had moths fluttering around your home, especially in your pantry, you know what a challenge it is to get rid of them.
Then came the fun part: buying new food and organizing it all using my favorite OXO containers.
Whether you're trying to keep pesky bugs away or just want to reorganize your kitchen, these OXO containers make a world of difference.
To have a chance to be one of the THREE lucky winners who get to take home a 10-piece OXO Container set, just tell me how often you reorganize your kitchen. How Winner Will Be Chosen: The winner(s) will be chosen at random and will be notified via email.
My boyfriend is always the one who re-organizes the kitchen in a way it makes sense, which is great but also a wee bit annoying since I am the foodie who loves to cook! I reorganize the kitchen about 4 times a year as I am thinking about the seasons and foods for each season. I probably totally reorganise it about once a year then gradually rearrange the odd things to make a bit more sense. I wish I could say that I reorganize quarterly, but honestly I try to over haul at least once a year–twice in a good year! I tend to do hard core kitchen re-organizations during bad weather and my kids are out of school. I organize when I cant take the disorganization any more, which means at least once a month. I do not organize my kitchen often because my girlfriend is pretty OCD about where everything is supposed to be.
I am a tidy person but I must admit that I do not reorganize my pantry very often……maybe once a year? I reorganize my cupboards only about once a year–around the time when I get MOTHS too! I reorganize whenever the chaos gets to be more than I can handle, and things start falling off shelves!

OXO STORAGE CONTAINERSFood large large a in good 3 with kitchen each stainless new containers.
I usually leave the ingredient in its original packaging and double wrap it with another plastic bag. There was always a guessing game with each opaque shopping bag when hunting for ingredients.
Made of a hard durable plastic that is BPA free, the containers create a functional modular pantry storage system. At first I hoped and prayed they would magically disappear, but to my horror they multiplied. With their easy to open lids, mix of sizes and see-through material, I'm able to safely store a variety of foods so they stay fresh and make everything much easier to find instead of having half opened packages strewn all over. Extra credit if you share the giveaway on Twitter, Google +, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram! For more chances to win, share this giveaway on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with the hashtag #WeeliciousGiveaways, and leave a separate comment letting me know you've done so. It has been great when transitioning to big girl foods once my baby had solids with textures down.
That is when I check the expiration dates and content levels of spices and other pantry items. With three kids and making all lunches and baby food for them I would LOVE to win these containers to begin the arduous task of total pantry makeover!
Maybe if I cooked more I would, but I have only recently started to cook (thanks to the weelicious website and books!) for my 23 month old son who is transitioning to more adult foods.
I bring out appliances, store others, reorganize by plastic containers in their drawers and it makes life so much better! Uneven bag sizes were hard to stack, and ingredients were perched precariously on top of each other. The lid needs to be hand washed, and it twists apart so you can clean the inside of the lid.
Margie hopes that someday she will have a gourmet kitchen large enough to house all of her kitchenTECH. A dear friend organized my kitchen at the last house but that was the only time it had ever been done (in the 16 years I’ve had my own place).
I will gladly film before and after work flow as well as befoe and after pictures of the pantry if we win!
I decided to switch to a more efficient system when I was nearly buried under an avalanche of chocolate chips and dark brown sugar. We recently replaced several glass storage jars with POP equivalents and couldn't be happier.

This post inspires me do to it more and to get some beautiful new containers to motivate me! I would LOVE these containers – always waiting for them to go on sale at Target but no luck yet. This motion also engages the silicone gasket around the lid, forming an airtight seal to help keep foods fresher. This helps me to quickly tell the difference between ingredients that look similar: cake flour, all-purpose flour and cornstarch, for example.
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