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Please note that there are a growing number of container types and variations from these basics.
Most containers are general purpose, designed to load or unload direct from vessel to truck trailer bed. Shippers can save money and minimize cargo loss by containerizing their air cargo shipments. Minimizes exposure of cargo to weather, theft, pilferage and handling damage while in the custody of the carrier. Designed for use with conveyor systems in terminals and in aircraft, the low-profile flat pallet is equpped with fittings for securing the pallet firmly to the aircraft deck.
Used Containers - Available within 48 hours in Oakland, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Savannah, Miami and Newark. This shipping container was discovered upside down on the seafloor by researchers in June 2004, four months after it was lost at sea. Scientists surveying the bottom of the Pacific Ocean have discovered something they knew was there but had never seen before: a shipping container. What nobody's really thought of before was the trash that we're leaving across the Pacific and other oceans every time we lose these containers.
The audio and a previous Web version of this story incorrectly referred to Andrew DeVogelaere's first name as Peter. An intermodal container (also container, freight container, ISO container, shipping container, hi-cube container, box, conex box and sea can) is a standardized reusable steel box used for the safe, efficient and secure storage and movement of materials and products within a global containerized intermodal freight transport system.

Airlines encourage the use of containers by providing special tariffs for containerized freight-all-kinds (FAK) shipments on many routes. Cargo is normally secured to the pallet by nets, tightened over cargo by application of tensioned straps. Lower Deck Containers – Developed by use in the lower deck cargo spaces of high-capacity aircraft.
All comments must follow the NPR.org Community rules and terms of use, and will be moderated prior to posting. Non-container methods of transport include bulk cargo, break bulk cargo and tank cars, tank trucks or oil tankers used for liquids or gases.
Payload details are subject to prevailing over-the-road weight limitations applicable in individual countries and states. NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. Igloos may be attached to the pallet by cargo nets that are placed over the exterior, or the igloo may be permanently attached to the pallet. Cargo is loaded into the container which may be equipped with shelves for accommodation of small of irregularly shaped cargo. But now marine biologists have found one off the coast of California and have decided to study how it may affect sea life. We pride ourselves in providing clients with staff that know and understand our accounts’ logistics needs.

Already, they've discovered that the container has become a new type of habitat on the muddy ocean floor, attracting its own suite of creatures.
Containers are locked directly into the aircraft restraint systems without need for nets or tiedowns.
Eventually, they tracked the container to the merchant vessel Med Taipei, which had lost 15 containers in a storm off Monterey Bay a few months earlier. The Monterey Bay container appears to be safe, though a€” according to the shipping company, it's full of radial tires. Biologists on a research ship in 2004 were scanning the seafloor in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary with a robotic submarine. It was mile after mile of mud until, suddenly, the navigator's screen filled with the image of a bright yellow shipping container.
The sanctuary negotiated and the shipping company agreed to pay for a study of how the container might affect life at the sea bottom.
That's a rough estimate a€” no one knows exactly what the number is, but it's clearly in the thousands every year. Submerged now for seven years, the container still looks new, and it has attracted a lot of sea life, like Neptunea, a large sea snail with big shell.

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