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If you are a first-time international shippers and ship your goods overseas using LCL ocean freight service, then in order to avoid possible misunderstandings of final shipping cost in your international shipping, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND READING AND UNDERSTAND INFORMATION IN THIS WEB PAGE before you will be involved in LCL ocean freight international shipping.
International shipping of LCL sea freight using methods above has advantages and disadvantages. If you are using shipping boxes in your international shipping, then you may use cardboard moving boxes of different sizes.
ADVANTAGE: International shipping of loose items is the most cost-effective way to ship LCL ocean freight.
IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTEND AND REMEMBER!: If you are shipping up to 4-5 boxes, then you may request an international shipping company to ship it loose. If you palletize your ocean shipment, then always pay attention to wooding-packing restrictions (ISPM15 rule) in international shipping. ADVANTAGES: International shipping of palletized and shrink-wrapped cargo has much higher probability to reach destinations without damages or loss.
Typically, during LCL international shipping, shippers may ask the international ocean carrier's shipping warehouses (CFSs – Container Freight Stations), which they deliver loose boxes to, to palletize the shipping boxes directly at the ocean carrier's shipping warehouse. In order to avoid "unpleasant surprises" in final international shipping companies invoices on your palletized cargo, international shippers must clear understand that regardless of sizes of your palletized boxes, international shipping companies will always use in theirs calculations LONGEST, WIDEST AND HIGHEST POINTS OF YOUR SKID.
You may also using a professional packing company to crate your gods to the international shipping. Note that crates of any sizes and forms used in international shipping by sea, same as pallets, must be forkliftable and fit into 40' multimodal ocean freight containers. Depending on what you ship, sometimes it is the good idea to ship international LCL ocean freight mixed. In respect of international shipping using ocean freight services, shipping Dangerous Goods means international shipping of substance or material, which has been determined to be capable of posing a risk to health, safety, and property when transported in commerce.
International shipper is always held responsible to identify, declare and provide all necessary documents related to international shipping of dangerous goods, in proper form acceptable by international ocean freight carrier, in advance. Most international ocean freight carriers will NOT approve acceptance of dangerous goods other than IMO Classes 3, 8 & 9.
PACKING GROUP - grouping according to the degree of danger presented by hazardous materials.
INTERNATIONAL SHIPPERS MUST DECLARE DANGEROUS GOODS TO BE SHIPPED USING OCEAN FREIGHT SERVICES, AND GET AN APPROVAL FORM THE OCEAN FREIGHT CARRIER, BEFORE CARGO WILL BE SUBMITTED TO THE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. To declare Dangerous Goods for the international ocean freight shipment, before scheduling the shipment, shippers must complete and submit to an international shipping company used for the shipment a Dangerous Goods Declaration in a proper form acceptable by the international shipping company. Here is a sample of form of Dangerous Goods Declaration used in international shipping of ocean freight.

I respect of international shipping of sea freight, many dangerous goods are incompatible with other substances. They may react with other dangerous goods shipping internationally or chemicals, or with apparently harmless substances, such as dust, air or water.
That the international shipper guarantees to pay to the international seafreight carrier segregation charges.
For more information related to international shipping of dangerous goods from the USA please refer to 49 CFR Parts 100 – 185. International shippers has to decide in advance, which way they are going to prepare cargo to the international shipping. Cardboard moving boxes for your international shipment can be purchased at any local store, from moving companies or ordered online. However, if you ship many boxes OR any one shipped box or shipping unit exceeds 100 lbs (i.e. Then international shippers should pay for the palletizing service directly to the international ocean carrier freight terminals (CFSs). Regular or custom-made solid crates can be purchased from packing companies or ordered online. That means that you can palletize and shrink-wrap small shipping boxes, crate most valuable or fragile items and leave oversized items loose. The UN number is a four-digit number assigned to a potentially hazardous material (such as gasoline, UN 1203) or class of materials (such as corrosive liquids, UN 1760). Then, upon the approval, it will be submitted along with the international shipment to the international ocean freight carrier. Dangerous goods can easily come into contact with incompatible substances through spillage or leakage, and may liberate toxic gases, or cause a fire or an explosion. Loose items in international shipping LCL are less protected from thieving during the international ocean shipment well. When palletizing, your shipped boxes will be stacked by the international ocean freight carrier's terminal on a pallet(s), as many as it can fit. Since all shipping boxes are safely kept together in a pallet(s), then a partial lose in your international ocean freight shipment is not possible.
Since it paid by shippers to CFSs directly at a time of delivery, then these charges will not be included in final international shipping company's freight invoice.
It will help to recognize your shipping boxes in event if your skid would be broken during its international ocean freight shipping. If possible use steel, rayon, polypropylene, nylon or polyester strapping to band the ocean freight.

Freight Forwarder we suggest you always asking your packing company if they are familiar with packing regulations in international shipping of ocean freight including wood packing regulations. International ocean freight shipments containing hazardous goods may require more transit time than regular international ocean freight shipments (export or import) from or to the USA. Firefighters and other emergency response personnel use these numbers during transportation emergencies. In order to submit a Dangerous Goods Declaration properly, we suggest you requesting a manufacturer or seller of your shipped goods for necessary information. It is a legal requirement that international shipping dangerous goods not compatible with other substances are stored and handled separately so that a loss of containment or interaction cannot cause a serious incident.
Palletized ocean freight is much better protected from potential theft on any stage of the international shipping as well. Cost of palletizing may vary depending on the warehouse and type of used pallets from $35 to $75+ per skid (pallet) including cost of pallet.
The shipping term Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) used almost exclusively in the United States.
Then in respect of international shipping of ocean freight, Hazardous Materials will be classified as Dangerous Goods when transported by an international ocean freight carrier from or to the USA.
In LCL ocean freight international shipping it is permitted to use a variety of types of pallets with different sizes and forms.
The ship had lost 15 of its containers during a storm off the California coast, including this particular one which holds over 1,100 steel-belted radial tires made in China.
Oxidizing substances (agents) by yielding oxygen increase the risk and intensity of fireClass 5.2.
Organic peroxides - most will burn rapidly and are sensitive to impact or frictionClass 6.1. All skids on pallets for the LCL international shipping must fit into a 40' multimodal ocean freight container. By the summer of 2007 they were being reported from the United Kingdom and Scandinavia, which meant that they had been locked into the polar ice pack and carried from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Innovative Livi Suction Cup PlanterSafe Cycle: Altor’s Indestructible Bicycle LockVan Wild!

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