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The following table shows the weights and dimensions of the three most common types of containers world-wide.
40 feet standard steel containers are weather closed containers suitable for transporting most general cargo. Below you can find specifications and dimensions for more special containers for transport of more special cargo for different uses. Numerous lashing rings are available on the four corner posts, top-side rails and bottom-side rails for securing the cargo. Although flat rack containers are primarily meant for over-width (width greater than 2.35m or 7a€™8a€?) and heavyweight cargo, both over-width and over-height cargo can be loaded on flat rack containers due to its open construction.
At IPSI, we know that ocean shipments involve more than just the preservation and crating of your product. The weights and dimensions quoted below are averages, different manufacturers of the same type of container may vary slightly in actual size and weight.

They are especially cost effective for more voluminous and light weighted cargo like for instance furniture.
The 45' high cube steel dry containers are available on routes to USA and Europe only through certain carriers. The 48' high cube steel dry containers are available on routes to USA and Europe only through certain carriers.
This type of container is available only for sending cargo from Guangdong Province, China to the U.S.
If the cargo needs to be protected from rain, tarpaulin sheets can be provided to cover the top of the container. The specially reinforced bottom construction can sustain the high pressure of heavyweight cargo.
Tank containers are separated for two transportation purposes: tank containers for liquid chemical products and tank containers exclusively for liquid foodstuff.

Numerous high load capacity lashing rings are installed on the corner posts, top-side rails and bottom-side rails for lashing and bracing of the cargo. Commodities commonly shipped in the flat rack container include machinery, industrial boilers, tractors, parts packed in cases, steel tubes, steel pipes, steel bars and cables. Overweight cargo can also be loaded from the door-side since the door header can be swung open.

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