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Sefco Export's on-line shippers guide for learning about cubic footage volume and shipping personal effects and commercial cargo by sea and air. With LCL shipments the final shipping cost is based on the overall volume of goods being sent. Read more about how carriers measure cargo by visiting the links at the bottom of this page. Either the actual weight of each item placed on a scale, or the "dimensional" weight, whichever is greater.
Multiply the three dimensions (H x W x D in inches) then divide the resulting number by 166.
IF the resulting amount gives you a figure Higher than the "actual" weight of that item measured on a scale, then you'll be charged for the higher international "DIM" weight. Truck drivers (showing up at a curbside only) do not get involved in packaging goods or physical labor. This commodity often has its' own particular international routing system, in the sense that commercial cargo is often shipped separately from personal effects cargo.
Cargo agents and transport companies usually base their charges on the higher amount (of either the weight or the volume). Other commercial commodities, like heavy equipment, stone, marble, machinery, printed matter, etc. Sefco performs certain "special services" which includes acting as purchasing agents for our clientele. By experience there is generally an increase in gross total outside dimensions when cargo is assembled into a square on a pallet.
If one only measures the net dimensions of individual cartons and then adds up that number, it would be incomplete as it does not take into account fungible space with the "loose" cargo fit together into a square. When cargo is crated, there is even more volume added to take into account to crate around the cargo. For crates, on average allow about 20% expansion from the net to gross volume of the cargo (before and after being crated). Regarding volume, we do not make up the numbers - we simply send along a copy of the cargo's information as it is received. If the cargo being shipped is not "ok" to go for whatever reason, it can be held back from shipment, and shippers are free to request an inspection appointment where feasible. It's not like when you use an entire "exclusive use" ocean container, where you can just fill it up with as much - or as little - cargo as you want. Before your LCL shipment is sent out, you must instruct us that it is officially "OK to GO".

It's only through many years of experience in moving household goods overseas, that one gets to know the "ins and outs" of this business.
H (inches) x W (inches) x D (inches) divided by 1728 = the total cubic footage for the vehicle, boat, crate or other type of cargo. From time to time we will provide web-links to 3rd party sources involved with international shipping, to try to help explain things better. Being involved with international shipping for over 28 years, means that the people at Sefco know what's good, useful information and what is just advertising. We review what information is currently available on the internet and "separate the wheat from the chafe". We update our web site periodically to edit and add further information that might be instructive and useful for our shippers. The programme saw investment in rail and other adjacent port infrastructure, construction of stevedoring and inland storage terminals for oil products, construction of the KSK grain terminal, acquisition of 50% of the NUTEP container terminal from its JV partner and subsequent expansion programme turning the terminal into one of the leading container terminals on the Russian Black Sea coast and in Russia as a whole. One of the advantages for ships calling at Novorossiysk is the low bunker prices – currently almost $200 per tonne cheaper than at nearby Istanbul. Speaking about the impact of the recently denounced P3 alliance or the outlook for any prospective alliance, the very fact that it was proposed has already changed the liner shipping market – in Russia at least, according to Mr Bubnov. The P3 Network shipping alliance would have positioned the three partners (Maersk, MSC and CMA-CGM) to control as much as 50% of all Russia-bound container traffic.
One new strategy which is bringing many opportunities for DELO Group is that many of the carriers are expanding into in-land operations to be able to offer value added services along the logistics chain. The carriers are also looking at increasing both the number of vessels and the range of alternative port calls that they can offer to customers, so facilities are being upgraded and extended in many areas of Russia. Mr Bubnov emphasised that rapidly changing conditions in Russia means companies have to be flexible in order to meet customer needs – and take advantage of business opportunities.
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Zamakona Yards has delivered the Roll on-Roll off dock built for the Container Terminal of Tenerife (OHL Group). Indulge in quality, unrivaled networking in our new home of Houston – a proven hub for the LNG and gas industry.
Container Dimensions Container Dimensions A 40 foot shipping container has measures that are forty feet in length 8 fingers wide and height of eight feet six inches Container Dimensions . Please note that there are a growing number of container types and variations from these basics.
Most containers are general purpose, designed to load or unload direct from vessel to truck trailer bed.

Shippers can save money and minimize cargo loss by containerizing their air cargo shipments. Minimizes exposure of cargo to weather, theft, pilferage and handling damage while in the custody of the carrier.
Designed for use with conveyor systems in terminals and in aircraft, the low-profile flat pallet is equpped with fittings for securing the pallet firmly to the aircraft deck. Procurement Services: If you would like, we can BUY & SHIP commercial goods for your account. For instance, a lot of commodities, including chemicals, agribulks and minerals, continue to be shipped in bulk, so there is a lot of potential for containerisation.
Airlines encourage the use of containers by providing special tariffs for containerized freight-all-kinds (FAK) shipments on many routes.
Cargo is normally secured to the pallet by nets, tightened over cargo by application of tensioned straps. Lower Deck Containers – Developed by use in the lower deck cargo spaces of high-capacity aircraft. Payload details are subject to prevailing over-the-road weight limitations applicable in individual countries and states.
The larger boxes have much capacity for more than 60% compared to normal forty foot containers. Igloos may be attached to the pallet by cargo nets that are placed over the exterior, or the igloo may be permanently attached to the pallet. Cargo is loaded into the container which may be equipped with shelves for accommodation of small of irregularly shaped cargo.
The width of the door of the container is seven toes and six inches while the top is seven toes and 4 inches.Ocean Cargo container size Ocean travels free if possible or in containers. We pride ourselves in providing clients with staff that know and understand our accounts’ logistics needs. Containers are locked directly into the aircraft restraint systems without need for nets or tiedowns.
Ocean containers are created at regular-sized agreed so cargo could be loaded and unloaded stacked and efficiently transported on container ship rail or truck semi-trailer with out always open. Forty foot ocean containers designed to cope with a variety of different conditions and are ideal for delivery on land or sea.

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