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By RachelAugust 1st, 2013Thank you Rubbermaid for providing me with ¬†products to review, free of charge, and for sponsoring this giveaway These are my own honest opinions.Is it just me or is summer flying by? And August means it’s time to think about school again, purchase supplies, new clothes, a lunch box… and LunchBlox Kids modular containers from Rubbermaid!These clever little containers make packing lunches a breeze! Because they snap together so they fit perfectly one on top of the other and stay neatly organized in your kid’s lunchbox.
Each kit contains a large container, which is the perfect size for a sandwich, and 2 smaller side containers for fruit and veggies or cheese and crackers, etc. If you purchase more than one kit, you can stack them as high as you want (or as high as your child’s lunch box allows!) When not in use, you can also snap each lid under its container so even your cupboards will stay neatly organized.
There are measurements on the side of each container which let you can quickly see how much food it contains.Not only that but the LunchBlox Kids comes with a Blue Ice tray that is designed to fit in between the sandwich container and the 2 side containers or under the sandwich container, or even on top of the 2 side containers if you prefer.

Please note the LunchBlox Kids Flat is not currently available in Canada.For this review, I received 4 LunchBloxes (2 pink kits, 2 blue kits). Each kit comes with a pamphlet with lunch recipes as well as $7 worth of coupons for a variety of products including $2 off an LunchBlox Entree Kit, $1 off Cracker Barrel cheese, $1 off Miracle Whip, and more.
As I said, the sandwich containers are just large enough to fit a sandwich although I think some brands of bread wouldn’t fit because the slices would be too large or too thick. I had 2 different kinds of sandwiches so I conveniently used the containers to color-code them so everyone could find their sandwich at a glance.In the side containers, I packed carrots, celery, cheese, and small cookies. The Blue Ice tray kept everything chilled as expected despite the warm weather (our picnic bag was insulated which also helped.)Overall, I am very pleased with our LunchBlox Kids Kits. They are totally innovative in the way they snap together and I love that the ice tray also snaps in between the containers.

My mother-in-law commented on how cute the kits were because of their color and small format. Not only that but each kit also contains $7 worth of coupons! The giveaway is open to Canada only.

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