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Mining in Australia is one of our main primary industries and a significant contributor to the Australian economy.
Modified Shipping Containers are the perfect solution for many of the mining industries unique requirements, be the storage, containerised building or something more unique.
Still one of the most common uses for shipping containers, transporting bulk goods to and from sites, 10, 20 and 40 foot containers can be used to transport goods by truck, train, ship or helicopter to remote mining sites anywhere in the country.
Due to the fly in, fly out nature of many workers contracts, temporary accommodation is required on, or close to the site. Modified Shipping Container accommodation can be fitted out in any way that is required from a single container “house” with bedroom, bathroom and lounge to multi person dormitories for junior staff. Workers need to work on a full stomach, and what better way to feed them than getting a modified shipping container kitchen into a remote mining area. Mining can be a messy job, and all mining camps need a decent commercial laundry for large scale cleaning of overalls and linens. Modified Shipping Containers make perfect portable site offices, with the ability to modify them in any way that is required. With a constant stream of new hires in the industry, the requirement to train and upskill doesn’t stop. As with any large population there is a requirement for medical services, and with isolation comes the need for any medium sized mining community to have their own medical facilities.
Power needs in the outback after often off the grid, and portable generators are a necessity. Mining camps are often in hot areas of the outback requiring both drinking and grey water for everything from food preparation, to cooling and cleaning. Mining is an equipment and machinery intensive industry and there is always a need for portable shipping container workshop for engineers, mechanics, electricians and other technical staff.
Explosives are used for rock blasting in mining and their safe storage is critical to both security and health and safety. Modified shipping containers make ideal safe, secure and portable storage sheds for mining equipment, tools and anything that needs to be kept out of the elements. Our cheap second hand shipping containers can be customised and finished virtually any way you require, from a custom paint job in company colours, to a full bespoke fit out.

Our team have a wide range of experience in building modified shipping containers for the mining and natural resources industry in Australia and beyond.
Gateway carry over 5000 containers in our 2 depots, have decades of experience and know the container business inside out. We guarantee delivery of containers nationwide by truck, rail or sea, or any combination thereof. Specials, expert tips, creative containers, innovative mods - shipped straight to your inbox! Custom Paint Work On Your Shipping ContainterWe can custom paint your container to match your sheds, tanks, buildings or landscapes. Please Note: Containers get very hot in the summer months, so the lighter the colour the more the sun will reflect making the container cooler inside.
Modified shipping containers are so dynamic in their use that people are being really creative with them.
From exquisitely designed shipping container homes to storage rooms, modified shipping containers are beautifully designed and adaptable to just about anything. A good example are these are the pop-up shipping containers at the 2011 Rugby World Cup at Queen’s Wharf, Auckland. Bottom line, do we think there’s a limit to what you can do with modified shipping containers?
Who says beautiful homes and structures have to come from traditional housing materials like wood and concrete alone? Most shipping container modifications are affordable too, modified shipping containers used in construction really do not cost as much as traditional homes. Get updated when we add new content by leaving your details below,We promise to only ever send you emails directly relating to Shipping Container Homes. Completely customized mobile pop up shops make retail easy and convenient for both your business and your customers! Combining multiple shipping containers is an easy way to create more square footage for your product! Completely customized shipping containers are made to  your exact specifications and are guaranteed to get your brand noticed! GHOME's solution only takes just three days to construct a floor, compared to 14 to 21 days using conventional construction methods.That is great!!

The construction process, management of the site, and the liaison with the main contractor, all worked very well.
The mining sector employs around 2.2% of the Australian labour force, with the vast majority being based in more remote areas of the country away from traditional infrastructure. Converted shipping containers are ideal for these accommodation units as they are strong, secure and easy to modify elsewhere before transporting them to isolated mining sites. Medical clinics can be build into customised shipping containers using stainless steel medical grade fittings for hygiene, power and plumbing along with specialised medical equipment built in. Custom built workspaces can be constructed for whatever need you have in any size from 10 to 40 feet. Contact us now to discuss with our expert team how modified shipping containers can be used in your mining camp.
Whether it’s for advertising, mounting video screens, movie theatre, building construction or any other structure, they are simply amazing. While these are well known, modified shipping containers are gradually making their way into the construction industry and taking everyone and everything by storm. They can be used in the construction of homes, prison blocks, offices, cabins among others.
Portable accommodation units are stackable and scalable allowing you to increase your amount of accommodation based on the amount of workers that the mine has. Modified shipping containers are an ideal storage solution for explosives, flammable liquids and dangerous goods. Consider EPS-Doublet your shop for everything print, event, and experiential marketing related.

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