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This very stylish, crafty and modern container home has taken advantage of the living space created by stacking 2 x 40ft shipping containers horizontally on top of 2 x 40ft shipping containers. They have then also created an upstairs outside deck and by using steel wires for the railing, they have created a space which does not restrict the visibility of the wide open farm lands. Overall it is a very modern container home because of the shape and use of the folding door and exterior materials used.
The main point to note is the shipping pallets (which were later changed to just wooden boards) used in order to create a stylish effect and at the same time reduce the suns heat on the internal house temperature. Another big benefit is that because it does not have the standard external shipping container walls, it would be much easier to get  Australian council approval. Estimated 2 people, 8hrs a Day x 5 Days a Week, 4 Weeks to complete = Total 320 Hours to build this modern container home.
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Description: Built to support and promote a creative sub-culture movement in Seoul, Korea, Platoon Kunsthalle is made up of a huge 28 shipping containers – 3000 square feet in total! Benefits: It seems fitting that a place that is trying to encourage artistic growth, exists in a structure as cool as this.

The idea behind shipping container conversions in Australia is to ensure that individuals can have access to affordable housing or structures without having to spend huge amounts of money. The Greenhouse Pop-up Restaurant is a good example of successful shipping container conversions in Australia.
With the Building Protection System framework, the restaurant was built using recycled materials, was constructed so it could be easily dismounted, is transportable, was designed to show that there can be balance between urban growth and sustainability, and can be adapted to all environments. Shipping container conversions help reduce the cost of building or owning a home, constructing a cabin or even an office. These converted homes are usually very energy efficient, consume less power and most of the amenities can easily run on solar power.
Graft Lab Architects are responsible for this huge and incredible centre which houses exhibit spaces, art studio areas, bars and restaurants. An excellent combination of contemporary building and sustainability processes, this highly modern and urban design by Joost Bakker is one of many successful shipping container conversions in Australia.
Now, you can easily afford to built a non-traditional home with ultra modern designs and decor.
Many container conversions in Australia are aimed at turning one or more shipping containers into something as beautiful as the Greenhouse Pop-up Restaurant.

Since they can dismantled, transporting them to new locations is often easy and stress free.
Combine with a fantastic designed like Joost Bakker and you’ll be amazed at what you can come up with. The house can be closed off by dropping down the big veranda and even more noticeable and creative is the white exterior made from shipping pallets, it certainly does add a certain re-use flare to the entire modern container home.
This structure is part of a bigger movement in Seoul where cultural and communication programs are being pushed to the forefront to encourage an artistic movement in Korea. Pretty sure if you were within these walls, you would forgot entirely that they could be made out of old containers! Initially situated in Campbell’s Cove, it was was used as exhibition in European Furniture Fairs and Tradeshows. Each room is decked out individually giving it so much character and a very modern and fun feel.

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