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Cutting along the floor line is very easy as I could just slide the blade guard along the floor for a perfect cut.
As I got toward the end of cutting the panel from the container, I started thinking about how the panel was going to act when it was finally cut free. The piece that I have just cut out will become a wall section in my workshop — the 12-foot open space between containers 3 and 4. After welding the 12-foot stretch, I ground the welds clean and applied a coat of anti-rust paint. Two days later: Armando and I set some metal 2x4s on the ground as a track to slide the wall section on.
I slung the tow straps under the panel and over an overhead beam, hooked up the come-along, and clicked it up into place. Next, I’m going to complete the welds on the high wall above container 4, then move to number 3 and do the same high wall act. Here is a detail for future container house builders: Looking from the inside, this is a detail of where the new wall meets the container corner. This entry was posted in cutting shipping container walls, Shipping Container House, Shipping Container House Panama and tagged building with shipping containers, construction, house construction, how to cut shipping container walls, shipping container home, shipping container house, shipping container house panama by Fred at Shipping Container House in Panama. However, building a home to suit your needs can be quite long, and challenging process, even if you are aiming at a smaller house.
The first thing you need to do is sit down with your family and think of the list of things that your home has to have.
You are not limited to only one, as you can combine several container shelters and merge them into one house. If you decide to build your own home out of shipping container, you need to know that all windows need to be carefully measured and cut, and roughed out on the site when you see the openings they are supposed to fit.
Obviously, if you remove some walls you will create gaps that have to be well sealed afterwards. Recent CommentsHow To Invest In The Future Value Of Your Home on Lacking Storage Space in Your Kitchen? I had already cut out half of it and used that metal to form the high wall for the new roof to sit on. I have read on other sites about how containers lose their stability when you cut a wall out. While the panel was laying flat, I welded a piece of 2×2 square tubing to what will be the top of the new wall. I’ll give the paint a day or two to dry, then Armando and I will figure out how to move this heavy piece and weld it into place.

Armando and I probably could have done it alone once we had the mechanical advantage, but the other guys had fun too. This 12-foot section of wall basically cost me a little labor, some cutting disks, and some welding rod.
In my case, although I have the permits for a permanent house, this is certainly an experiment. Our goal here is too illustrate the many container projects both big and small that are taking place around the world. You already have two children and the third one on its way, and the apartment you are living in right now is getting too small to fit you all. That is why, recently, architects have started thinking of different and original designs for shipping containers, and putting these ideas out there for people to use them, and inspiring them to make one of these their new home. Think about how many rooms you need and how big do you want them to be, and according to that plan, choose the container which size suits you best. However, it is not as simple, as you need to obtain certain paperwork and get a permission for it. There are several choices you can go for, ranging from wooden to concrete, and together with an engineer you will decide what is the best support for the home you had in mind.
The easiest and fastest way to place them on a particular place on the land is with the crane, and once they are down, they can be adjusted with a crowbar.
So make sure that in the end you weld steel trips on all side gaps, and then foam them from the inside using insulation foam, so that you are sure there are no wholes for the air to pass through. Many people have prejudice when it comes to sipping container homes, relating them to trailer ones, but they are far from it. To cut the metal, I’ve chosen to use a nine-inch angle grinder with a thin cut off blade. The stuff is very heavy and flops like a fish being landed in a boat or like Jello being nailed to a tree. The entire wall is removed from the container, but it is being supported by the wall above the container roof. Once you come up with a basic plan, it is a good idea to consult with a professional about the details of construction. The same goes for the doors, and for cutting out openings for them you will need plasma cutter, cutting torch and a grinder. That way you will not only save a lot of money on heating in the winter, but you will also use air condition less in the summer. Not only are they easy to build, they are cheaper, easier to design and can be adjusted to you and your family’s needs, making it the home you all want to come to at the end of the day.

I have a plasma torch which I think might be a better tool for the job, but it is broken and I am having difficulty getting it serviced here in Panama. But it was cut six inches, move the ladder, re-tie the ladder with a rope, cut six inches, move the ladder, each time carrying the grinder up and down the ladder. I had already welded in the new wall above the wall I was going to cut out, so the roof remained stable.
When we got it to the other end of the container, we lifted one end up onto the floor of the open container (#4). If you want to add or remove walls, install doors and windows, look for a qualified engineer that has already had experience with turning shipping container into a home.
So do not be lazy, do your homework and research everything that you need in advance, in order to be at peace later.
If you are on your own when it comes to building your home, the best way to join them together is welding the together. This advancement in the project was a big psychological boost and we all shared a high-five. Sparks made the line difficult to see, there is nothing to ride along, and there was the constant threat of a kickback. Analyzing the situation, I decided to use a rope and force the free part of the panel to curve.
I place a very high priority on not having accidents, and I made sure to compliment the guys on emerging from the experiment safe and sound; no toes were guillotined in the wall lifting process. It takes a great deal of gymnastics and concentration to control the machine as kickbacks happen easily. We used a clamp, rope, and pulleys to lift the top of the section up, but the pulleys just didn’t have the mechanical advantage to get the job done.
I chose to make the corner at the same location where these two thicknesses used to meet before I cut the container apart. I could then wrangle the rope, opening the curve slowly and guide the panel to fall in a controlled manner.
So we asked two local guys, Samuel and Ramiro, and I also got the tow straps and the come-along from the trunk of the car.

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