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I’d been seeing Loot Crate reviews popping up around geek-blogging circles and after checking it out and discovering that the service was newly available in Canada, I decided to give it a shot. My experience in monthly box services is a little limited since up until very recently there weren’t that many box companies in Canada that appealed to me, or services that shipped to Canada. The first thing about Loot Crate that kind of weirded me out was that a week after the boxes shipped, they were already sending me emails summarizing everything that was in the boxes. Unfortunately, knowing what the items were going to be before I got my box meant that I’d had time to weigh whether I felt I was getting value for my $25 (normally $30).
The other item that a lot of bloggers seemed excited about was the little Walking Dead figuring.
DisclaimerThis is a for profit blog and may contain affiliate links that generate a commission for this site. Unlike some geek bloggers, I was not offered a free box, so I ponied up my own $25 (after a $5 rebate on my first month), to see what all the fuss was about.

The fact that I’d managed to stumble onto it on the cut-off day for August box orders may also have hastened my purchase.
This was especially annoying because living in Canada and waiting until the last minute to order, I already knew I wouldn’t see the August box until well into September (Sept 4 to be precise). The caffeine shirt was cute, but I ended up feeling like I could have picked out my own geeky-t on any number of websites for the same price. Now this is where I have to make a confession and admit that I’m not a Fan of the Walking Dead TV show. As for the woot 5$ off, well, you’ll be paying the same as any United-Stadian as there is a 5$ shipping charge for Canadians.
However, the price if you are in the US is $15, which I actually think is a great value and I would actually recommend Loot Crate to US geeks.
While my Loot Crate t-shirt and the mini weren’t things I would have bought for myself.

Rick has really been enjoying the Walking Dead games by Telltale, while I’ve been waiting for our trip to Japan to play through the iPad version on my own. But that doesn’t really matter because the figurines were based on the TV show, albeit in a caroony, Muny sort of way. Then again, maybe I’d feel differently if I really loved figurines and nerdy t-shirts. I put my zombie dude next to the Evil Queens figurines on my desk to scare and delight those around me.

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