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Used office containers in good conditions can be viewed at our depots.  Please submit a price inquiry! Thank you for detailing your inquiry to support our colleagues in preparing the best quotation!Our colleague will soon contact you with the quotation. Mobilbox Container Trading LtdA professional container dealer H-1037 Budapest, Montevideo u.
Purpose built for the Oil & Gas Sector, Spacemaker's high quality corrugated steel or PU skid mounted living units can be designed to suit your requirements.
For your onshore and offshore requirements, Spacemakera€™s extensive experience in fitting out containers enables us to design, manufacture and integrate all your requirements. Designed for remote locations and fast track build requirements, our Flat Packs are a cost effective office and accommodation turnkey solutions. Large scale semi permanent camps housing thousands of workers, Spacemaker's experience in the design and build of camps in the Mena region is unmatched. Easy to transport and erect warehouses for immediate on site requirements, Spacemakera€™s EZ Space modular warehouse is designed to be erected in hours with minimal equipment.
At Spacemaker, we incorporate our fast-track design and build technology to meet your on site office requirements with a wide range of internal and external finishes.
At Spacemaker, we have the ability to adapt our system to cater for any client requirement.
Spacemaker is a leading manufacturer of modular and temporary structures, catering to the oil & gas and construction industries. Never-ending rows of tall, sleek buildings jut sharply from the side of lush green mountains; tropical islands bask in azure blue seas while giant steel-clad container ships chug noisily by. All-you-can-eat Dim Sum bars and street food stalls snuggle up next to Starbucks and McDonalds. For such a tiny spot on China’s south coast, nowhere more does the old collide with the new, the real verse the fake and the east meet west.
But possibly the greatest divide on show in this city – is the blaring gap between the rich and the poor. In fact, when it comes to millionaire wealth, Hong Kong has edged ahead of its Southeast Asian rival, Singapore, for the very first time!

Adding to the coffers – Hong Kong’s retail district has also become the most expensive on the globe, putting an end to New York’s Fifth Avenue reign for the first time in history.
Streets here may as well be paved in gold, the city lays claim to the highest concentration of luxury brands in the world.
With a population of seven million, space on this 1100-square kilometre land mass might be scarce but for many of the city’s elite, life in Hong Kong is by no means lacking. Expansive residential dwellings exist in all their glory with sprawling, uninterrupted harbour views and only the best mod-cons money can buy. Is it any wonder that with the highest number of Rolls Royce cars per capita, Hong Kong has been labeled a ‘status-obsessed’ city? Along with these toys,  social, cultural, business, recreation and sports clubs have played a big role in the lives of the city’s elite, as far back as colonial-era Hong Kong.
Membership to one (or more) of the city’s 30 exclusive clubs  – whether it’s the world famous Jockey Club (where no amount of money can buy your way in), the popular American Club or the city’s oldest club, the Hong Kong Club (founded in 1846 and only allowing white British citizens in until 1970, even then, women were banned from certain areas until 1996) – is a given. With their lavish facilities including pools, gyms, saunas and tennis courts – all perched on prime real estate – today many have 20 year-long waiting lists, cost millions of dollars in membership fees – and for some, inheritance is the only way to gain entry into this exclusive society. Today, apart from offering an enviable lifestyle, club membership is increasingly being seen as an investment. There’s no denying, when looking at the world’s richest economies, the income gap between the wealthy and poor in Hong Kong is by far the largest. It’s been proven of late with the ‘Gini Co-efficient’ (a measure of the rich-poor gap) reaching its highest reading in a decade rendering Hong Kong the least equal city in the developed world.
Just up the road from extravagant residences, locals are forced to live in tiny dwellings, barely able to make ends meet.
To be fair, in Hong Kong, it’s not unusual for generations of families to live together under the one roof.
Mum, toddler and baby sleep in one bed, Dad’s on a mattress on the floor, Grandma and Grandad are on the pull-out sofa and brother in law’s on the couch.
It’s not just an unlucky few either, tens of thousands of Hong Kongese are in these squalor conditions with the waiting list for public housing standing at around 210,000. While cage homes (which sprang up in the 1950s to cater mostly to single men coming in from mainland China) are becoming rarer, other types of substandard housing such as cubicle apartments are growing as more families are pushed into poverty.

With the longest life expectancy of any region in the world, Hong Kong’s population is ageing rapidly. After ten years on the box, she decided to look outside the box and with her hotelier husband made the life-changing decision to live in Hong Kong - the city that never sleeps!
Check out Mint Mocha Musings for plenty of intriguing, humorous and uplifting tales from her expat life in Asia so far. Jump on board and enjoy the mad but momentous ride with me, my hotelier husband and hyped up toddler. With over 20 years of experience, Spacemaker provides tailor made engineering solutions for complex purpose built structures that require fast track turn around and innovative transport solutions. Markets selling cheap wares stand cheerfully amongst shiny designer stores; and ancient medicinal shops displaying traditional Chinese herbs reside next to modern day drug-filled pharmacies. Some will go so far as to say club membership is an important draw-card in attracting top executive talent to Hong Kong.
One tiny apartment (often no bigger than 50 square feet) can be home to half a dozen family members. Leung has pledged to tackle the shortage by building 92,000 affordable homes over the next five years.
I’m loving those last three photos, those interior shots – absolutely beautiful and so poignant! Glad you enjoyed the post, I’m sure having spent some time in China and Hong Kong, you understand the cultural complexities. Family is a close knit affair and it’s rare for elderly members to live in nursing homes.
After four years in the 'city that never sleeps,' Hong Kong, we've inhaled and taken our next posting in Xi'an. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed.

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