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Created from low-cost, low-energy, shipping containers, the refreshing design has a focus on sustainability and efficiency. For those of you that miss the Dekalb Market in Brooklyn, a new shipping container campus will be opening later this month in London.
David Boyle did not build his house out of shipping containers to be hip, though he does live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
It is in empty spaces like [under Hong Kong's overpasses] that a group is campaigning for the government to build youth hostels, arts performance venues, offices for small- to mid-sized businesses and, most intriguingly, temporary housing. This week the Whitney Museum inaugurated a brand new exhibition and studio space designed by shipping container architects-extraordinaire LOT-EK.

The converted units will create a mini-city, providing much needed flexible studio, retail, office and workshop space in one of Londona€™s most vibrant communities.
He left the water pipes exposed not in pursuit of an industrial chic aesthetic, but to make them easier to fix.
The group sees this unused land as an opportunity to alleviate Hong Konga€™s problem of young people not being able to afford to rent in the worlda€™s most expensive property market.
Can containment equate more closely with transmission and, in so doing, position architecture and urbanism more in line with societal mobility and change? An ultra-modern and eco-friendly addition to complement the museum's 1960s concrete brutalist construction, the new structure was commissioned by the Whitney as a space where the museum could hold special exhibits and house activities for the Whitney education program.

Initially, they planned to build a tiny home out of bricks and mortar, but when they put out a bid, it came back as potentially costing half a million dollars.

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