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Japan-based architect Yatsutaka Yoshimura has created a series of shipping container shelters as first-response shelter units for relief housing. The a€?Ex Container Projecta€? is a intelligent and stylish response to disaster relief housing. At 20 foot by 20 foot, these containers can contain a kitchen, living room, bathroom and sleep spaces.
However, the permanent proposal for these container shelters are valued at USD$60,000 and uses an interval unit that allows the home up to 60 square meters. The Ex-Container Project is currently raising money to send more retrofitted shipping containers to victims in Japan — you can donate here. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. The article notes that the Ex-Container Project uses "retrofitted shipping containers." Does that mean they are used, reclaimed containers? JLAMB, I would be interested to help you out as I am currently in the process of planning a research on subject matter. I would like to communicate with someone in this project about volunteering to help build these shipping container houses.

The day after Japan's biggest earthquake, cities smoldered, soldiers lent helping hands, and a nuclear reactor exploded.
Smoke billows from Japan's Fukushima I nuclear reactor as a man watches the scene unfold on TV Saturdaya€”the result of damage to the reactor's cooling system during yesterday's earthquake and tsunami. Flattened buildings smolder in an aerial picture of the Japanese town of Yamada on Saturday, the day after a magnitude 8.9 earthquake and tsunami hit the region.
A plea for help fills a school playing field in the port town of Minamisanriku in Japan's Miyagi Prefecture on Saturday. A fire truck attends to burned-out cars at the Hitachi Harbor port northeastern Japan on Saturday.Japan's three largest automobile manufactures a€“ Toyota, Honda, and Nissan a€“ have announced they will temporarily halt production at all domestic assembly plants following the earthquake and tsunami. Tsunami-tossed cargo containers litter the ground Saturday in Sendai, Japan, where the local airport was nearly completely flooded by Friday's three-story-tall wave.Limited air traffic resumed at major Japanese airports on Saturday, but most were packed with stranded passengers, the Los Angeles Timesearthquake is, but I've never seen anything like this," Seven Nia, a Los Angeles businessperson, told the paper. As Arctic sea ice extent hits a record May low, a new study shows how melting changes Greenland's weather, with far-reaching consequences.
After the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that ravaged Japan, Yoshimura set off to create these low-cost and high-quality container shelters. With shipping containers being used around the world as permanent buildings, these temporary residences are low cost and can eventually be turned into long term residences if needed.

They are sturdier than regularly used temporary housing, are inexpensive to aquire and easy to transport so they can be quickly relocated to house people anywhere around the world. They have set their hopes high and are looking to be able to create small communities for displaced groups with this easy to use building format, in addition to housing they will be building community gathering centers. You can look me up on Google using the keyword: 'bjorn ross disaster' and you will get links for contacting me. About 7,500 people have been evacuated to shelters since the earthquake and tsunami, the BBC reported. They are also stackable and can create multi-level buildings safely and easily, if necessary.

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