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20ft Used ISO Tank Container with Capacity of 21000L Hot Sale, View tank container, Sunhill Product Details from Chongqing Sunhill Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd.
Frame dimensions comply with the recommendations of the International Standards Organization (ISO). If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The unit is designed and constructed in accordance with strict international codes for the worldwide carriage of bulk liquids on land, rail and water.ISO tank construction materials are made of stainless steel AISI 316. Many tank containers also have a dipstick in stainless steel and a properly engraved calibration chart.
The chart enables you to calculate the volume of the product to be loaded, expressed in liters.

The document-tube should be watertight and of sufficient size to contain all the necessary load documentation.
It should be located in a protected and secured area to avoid document theft during transit, a recognized problem within the industry. The label holder is secured to the tank shell, and displays the safety labels required to identify the tank contents. They also offer space to carry sample bottles, and keep the loading area clean and well protected.
Has good sealing properties and is tolerant to a wide spectrum of chemicals.Standard seal and gasket materials vary according to the tank type.
The construction of the inner footvalve prevents the tank container from leaking during a severe incident where all external valve segments would have been ripped off.

Power output at 440V is 15kW.That in principle, electric heating is designed to maintain temperature only.
The steam channels, continuous loops of pipework, usually on the outside of the lower half of the tank, terminate at the rear of the tank and are closed by threaded dust caps.
The inlet and outlet can be fitted with a valve, and the outlet should be fitted with a steam condensate trap.

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