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We offer the option of ISO 20' containers rental as well a€“ see our container rental chapter.
By adding environmental controls, sophisticated electronic systems can be deployed worldwide. Gichner ISO shelters are designed to accommodate the tactical shelter requirements of the U.S.
The corner posts of Gichner ISO shelters can withstand the weight of five loaded, stacked shelters.
To double the width of the available workspace to 16 feet, two shelters can be joined to each other side-by-side. For even more workspace, two removable sides can be provided so that three or more units can be joined to assemble a variety of enclosed complexes. Gichner can also provide other installations, including fixed wall-mounted installations, and power connections and ducting interface for remote or pallet mounted units. For easy access, personnel entry doors can be located anywhere to meet your system requirements.
The containers have been withdrawn from transport applications but they can function successfully as stationary warehouses.

A purchase of the used container allows for organization of temporary warehouse base at a low investment cost. It provides the stable indoor environment that is essential to the success of many military functions and is readily transported to any location.
What's more, military personnel can rapidly deploy such tactical equipment to any combat theater for indefinite operation from an expeditionary base.
This standardization facilitates air, sea, land, and rail transportation of shelters by carriers, shippers, and leasing companies. These units are designed to resist restraint and racking stresses caused by the side-roll of container ships in rough seas. The C-130 can carry two shelters, a C-141 can hold three, and a C-5A can take up to 12 shelters.
Even under adverse flying conditions, helicopters can lift the shelters from ship to shore or from rear areas to forward tactical areas. When the shelter is deployed for operations, the environmental control unit slides out, providing more interior workspace.
By strategically locating doors, units may be connected end-to-end or side-by-side to produce an almost infinite variety of facility sizes and configurations.

With the Gichner M-1022 Mobilizer, ISO shelters are quickly loaded or unloaded from an aircraft. When the units are joined, the removable panels can be stored on the roof, adding extra solar protection. It is a weatherproof, insulated, flexible assembly that is attached to the door jambs of two adjoining shelters without removing the doors or using special tools. Provisions for air conditioning openings, power and signal entry, and other modifications may be supplied if needed.
The flexible assembly also allows the kit to join two shelters which are misaligned due to uneven terrain. LWJ-1506) are used with shelters and complexes that require minimum positioning and leveling, for example, on a relatively flat surface.

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