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ISO container fitting bridge clamps, View high quality container fitting bridge clamps, TJHX container fitting bridge clamps Product Details from Tianjin Jinbin Huaxing Mechanical Fitting Co., Ltd. Container round socket is used for the fix of the bottom of container, which is specially used with breech base twistlock. D-ring, Lashing plate, Raised ISO foundations, Dovetail foundations, Flush sockets, Sliding foundations, Guide cone, Guide block, Turnbuckles, Lashing rods, Extension rods, Manual twistlocks, Semi-automatic twistlocks, Midlocks, Sliding twistlocks, Bridge fittings, Single stackers, Double stackers, Hanging stackers, , ETC.
These are fitted recessed into the deck or tank top and should be welded flush with the deck plates. This fitting is recessed into the deck and are supplied as a single, double transversal, double longitudinal or a quadruple iso deck fitting, and when fitted should be welded flush with the deck. These are recessed into the deck and supplied as a single, double or triple lashing point, and when fitted should lie flush.

These are welded on hatch covers and are standard 110mm in height.Other height available on request. Sometimes referred as Dovetail foundations welded to weather deck, hatch covers and stanchion. Aluminum in construction and length to custom requirements.Designed actuator head to open close Twistlocks and semi automatic twistlocks. Coupled to u-frames cones, locking cone when container is lowered into position also bottom cones operated by locking pins. Used for Plugging iso hole in deck fittings can be supplied in rubber or plastic, thus preventing sea water to fill the hole and eventual corrosion. Twistlocks are devices to securely lock the four corners of a container the types offered are, twin cones; three positions manually operated,wide middle plate type twistlock, two position manually operated twistlock, also a fixed base with single cone locking twistlock.

Two locking nuts available 30 and 50 mm bridge fittings are used to lock together the top containers of adjacent stacks. TJHX ISO 1161 dry cargo container corner casting, View high quality corner casting, TJHX Product Details from Tianjin Jinbin Huaxing Mechanical Fitting Co., Ltd.
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