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Because today's world is now more integrated, international container shipping for the general consumer is much more prevalent. Nearly all ports of entry will apply some sort of tax or fee for allowing international container shipping.
Most of the containers used for international container shipping do not come with the associated packing supplies and therefore this cost should be factored in separately. Arrival at the final destination does not necessarily mean that there has been no discernable damage to goods moved by the international container shipping company.
As the frequency of using international container shipping companies increases, insurance rates will go down and the overall cost of shipping will go down. Delivery to your door, loading while driver waits, 2 hours free driver waiting time; however, there’s an hourly charge thereafter. Delivery to your door, the container is parked and left for 24 or 48 hours and we will come pick up the container.
We receive your goods at our warehouse (delivery to us by you or by movers), we load the container at our facility. If you do not have access to a dock or warehouse please note the container sits on a chassis 4ft high off the ground. When loading a container on a public road please check with local Police and your City if a permit is required. Also check for accessibility, the truck is 14ft high and the container is about 40-50ft container but could be a little more.

ABOUT OUR COMPANY Head quartered in Los Angeles we are an independent privately owned Freight Forwarding Company and a registered US California Corporation. Whether there is a special shipping requirement or if the container will hold only regular, non-flammable, non-elicit household items the fees will most definitely vary. Large international container shipping trucks are able to drop off and pick up the appropriate container on a predetermined schedule.
Only a thorough inspection of the property upon arrival will ensure that the consumer is satisfied with the outcome.
Fuel prices, political climate, and other factors can help determine the total cost and should be taken into consideration when making the final arrangements for transport. Therefore, you must not have narrow roads, low trees, and having adequate turning space for the driver is required.
With over 35 years of shipping experience we offer a complete ocean and air transportation service. When it comes to determining a fair cost for international container shipping, much depends on the destination and what the shipping company can offer. Some shipping companies will provide each customer with coverage for these fees while others hold the consumer responsible for them.
It is imperative that the consumer is self educated when it comes to finding out what types of products are prohibited at their destination when using international container shipping services. In the event that a devastating factor should occur while at sea, the well insured individual will be able to receive reimbursement for the lost items.

Often, having the container moved prior to inspection can alleviate the company's liability and therefore often null and void any insurance policies that cover only the shipping under the company's terms.
If the consumer is not able to meet the container in the port of entry, it is important to have a customs agent on hand, which is generally a fee that is completely separate from the fees applied to international container shipping. When the packing is completed, the international container shipping service picks up the container and either stores it or readies it for transport. Personally obtained insurance is still recommended even if the international container shipping company has a flawless record.
With an extensive network of freight stations world wide Able Cargo has the ability to assist you on your international container shipping needs, and provide you with a safe and pleasant experience. Using an international shipping container is considerably safer than other modes of transport, however it is still a risk to move any large products overseas. If you are in a need of a special request please contact one of our agents for more information.

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