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A homemade sauce is usually what I prefer, but I know that sometime life gets busy and even an easy homemade sauce can take more time than I have. I also know that often with sales and coupons, a jar of store bought sauce is cheaper than the ingredients needed to make a homemade sauce. Today’s easy crock pot spaghetti sauce is an easy way to get a homemade, or at least semi homemade, taste without all the work of a homemade sauce.
I did this just the other day – took a cheap $1 can of spaghetti sauce and doctored it. I make a big batch of sauce every few months by buying a big can of plain tomato sauce from Costco, running a ton of veggies through the food processor(usually onion, garlic, carrots, celery, and potato), throw it all in the crock pot with herbs and spices( a handful of Italian blend and a pinch of red pepper, salt to taste) and let it run most of the day until it smells amazing and looks right texture wise….cool and bag in quart size bags for my family of 3 and freeze! I do something similar to Kristal – take a big mountain of chopped onion, green peppers, and some garlic and saute until they are really soft and browned well, and then run them through the procesesor, brown a small can of tomato paste in a Tablespoon or so of shortening or oil, and then add back in the pureed veggies, store bought sauce and add sauteed mushrooms.

I also add a couple cans of no salt spinach as it gives extra flavor and makes it stretch farther. I started Lynn's Kitchen Adventures in 2008, but then in 2009, after years of health issues, I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance. And when I can get a good sale like that I stock up on store bought sauce to use for quick and easy meals. This sauce starts with a jar of sauce that I doctor up and let cook in the crock pot for several hours.
It may need some additional seasoning to taste, depending on the sauce, but not only is it really good, but a lot of the veggies are incognito. I love to make homemade spaghetti sauce and have shared several recipes already including a recipe for a really easy sauce made from scratch.

When I make spaghetti sauce I always figure that it doesn’t take much extra time to make a large batch and freeze some to use later on. If you have a smaller family though, or don’t want to freeze any sauce, just half the recipe and it will work fine.

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