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Primarily the still will be used for doing strip runs, but later on I would like to start stilling rums and whiskeys. I'll be using a 3 ring gas burner to heat the boiler and I would like to run it as hard and fast as possible when doing the stripping runs. At the moment I have a meter of 2.5 inch copper tube available to use, but if required I can try and track down some 3 inch.
I'm sure I read on the parent site about how to work out the size of the column required, but I'm buggered if I can find it now. From what I have read many times on here, if you want to run your pot still hard and fast, you need a larger column.
At the moment it takes me over 4 hours to run a 20 litre wash through my reflux still and at least an hour of that is waiting for it to get up to temp. With the information you guys have supplied me, and that being the size of the column on a pot still not playing a large part in the still operation, I have decided to just make it at a height to be user friendly.
Now about the connection of the column to the lyne arm, at the moment I'm thinking of 2 ways to so this. The first being the most common I have seen using a tee piece at the top of the column with a reducer to connect to the lyne arm allowing a thermometer to be mounted in the very top.
The second is using a reducer at the very top of the column and then have a 90 degree elbow to the lyne arm.

The third and main reason I double distill is that usin' a traditional potstill, and double distillin' is as easy as fallin' off a rock. Before Uncle Remus made his potstill (no column), he was usin' a reflux column to make traditional potstill drinks like rum, brandy, and whiskey. I've allways said that the ultimate setup for a home distiller is to have both a reflux column still to make vodka, and a pot still for the traditional potstill drinks. Thanks for your reply mate, You have stated something that really has my interest now, and that is making easy cuts from a pot still. I have found that if I put a stripped wash in my reflux still, the cut points are so obvious its almost too easy. The verticle tube is a column if it is packed with raschig rings, or structured copper mesh, or scrubbers,mainly for the purpose of inducing reflux ( and to be an effective column it needs some condenser at the top, even if it is air cooled).
I'm sure I have read on these forums a few times that just having mesh in your column isn't enough to cause any noticeable reflux. If you look at many of the larger whiskey stills (especially the scotch stills), they have a VERY large column out the top, which does a 100° bend into the condensor (much like UR's).
View DetailsCooling is achieved with a copper condenser tube, so no copper cooling coil (WORM) is required. I hope to be able to fill this and strip it all in less time than it takes me to run 1 wash through the reflux still.

Once I start making my own rums and whiskeys I hope to learn a lot more about this subject.
So as soon as I can, I would like to strip all my washes before they go through the reflux, and this is the first reason for the pot still. This is pretty much what I would like to do just so that I can get the condenser up above my collection containers on the table.
Otherwise, it is a vertical tube, just an oddly shaped cap that helps avoid overboil and puking, and increased copper surface to pull out sulfur compounds.
I think he also stated that with the extra copper packing he found the product to be better quality.
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