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Also, my crate, that was at first ripped away from me, but then returned to me because of several awesome ladies at work, is already reaping my planting efforts. Tags: friends, shipping crate, workPosted on UncategorizedComments Off on I Got Da Crate!!! The company that I work for just bought a professional scanner because, well we scan big documents.
Everything was great and I was to bring it home on Thursday until I went on break and saw a sign on the door. There was even talk of having everyone write an essay on what they plan to do with The Crate. Tags: Corvette, shipping crate, workPosted on this and thatComments Off on Give Me Back My Crate! Twitter Moms: The Influential Moms NetworkGet the TwitterMoms Blog Network widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Step 2: The PlanBefore you cut anything - figure out exactly how big your crate needs to be.
Your upright supports are standing now and though they may seem a bit wobbly, they’ll firm up soon enough. Countersink and screw down into the 37″ side pieces into the uprights accordingly and make sure now that all framing is tied together.
Finish screwing off all of the panels and check to make sure everything is sound and secure. What Is The Motoring JournalThe Motoring Journal examines the profound relationship of man and automobile, motor racing history, intriguing personalities, motoring adventures, and the many skillful forms of expression that only car culture breeds. I just thought I'd share a couple of pics of the crate I just built since I did a couple of searches and couldn't find a good example to copy. Only thing I'd probably have done differently (maybe you did and I just don't see it) is put something between the bottom board and the lower part of the transmission case - like a piece of wood blocking.
I got a call from John last year when my trans arrived informing me that my crate was trashed. I know its a improve as you go along kind of thing, but if someone had a definite idea, I'd rather just use theirs, then through trial and error.
Use Tec screws,the type with a head & flange for doing this,not nails,as they hold more firmly.
Put a good solid frame all round and dont scimp on screws to hold it together and have two 4x2s underneath so it can be lifted by a forkhoist.

I've shipped quite a few engines over the years and have refined my engine crates to what works best for me and my customers. Oh and by the way, this motor is going to be sold at Indy Ducati, after they turn it into much better than stock form.
One other good idea I got from my UPS friend, but did not do was, to use some rope or straps to make handles. I bolted two 2x2 planks under the base, to lift the base off the floor for the forklift - this allowed them to just pick it up with the loading forklift and drove it straight onto the truck. As you can see in this photo, the front has a sloped corner where I attached mesh so the birds would have some ventilation. The back of the box required a door that could easily be removed, yet not come open while on the airplane. I wanted an early start since I live in the Desert Southwest and it usually gets hot here early in the spring.
As I wrote earlier, I asked for and received a shipping crate that I wanted to turn into a planter, just to have it ripped away from me to be auctioned off by my company.
I refused to participate because hey, it was given to me in the first place, and I knew the auction would probably get ugly and it was a matter of principal. This weekend I will be visiting our local home improvement store and buying some mulch and corn seeds.
With the aircleaners off of the engine I had a total clearance height of 32″ to give myself a bit of space to clear the fan shroud.
If you’ve done this right, you will only need one sheet to cover 3 sides of the crate. With this engine, since it will be restored I ran a soft rubber backed carpet over the cylinder head tin and a strap over each side. These are used to screw the upright supports to as well as screwing the side sheet panels on later. Don't forget to put a couple of two-bys on the outside bottom of the base piece so it can be picked up with a fork lift.
I use a nail gun with ring-shank nails since it's quick and secure, but screws will work as well. I just buy a new large heavy duty trashcan- rubber tub and use material to hold the motor in place then strap the tub to the pallet.
Making the box itself was not too difficult, but I wanted to make sure it was lightweight since shipping costs are based on weight.

Then with our hours cut at work, we were not able to financially do anything with the yard. They are also auctioning a few other items such as an old Emac and computer memory cards and, BTW the money from all this will go to buy us cake on the first of the month to celebrate birthdays in that month which BTW again, we all hate because they sing Happy Birthday to us and completely embarrass us!
Screw each piece of wood to the palet.Note that you can add some rubber gasket material if you feel necessary as this wood will be in direct contact with the engine case. I then ran a third strap over the transmission mount flange on the back as shown in this picture below. I always screw on end panel and the top panel on so my customer can easily get to the engine without taking a crowbar to the crate. Also shipping workers appreciate the thought and will be more careful, and the package is more likely to be handled the way you would like it too. He has fellow bird enthusiasts all over the world and recently had to ship about 20 of his prized Glosters to England.
You, Corvette, just take care of the weeds and me, juliannah will grow the veggies, thank you very much! I can not see paying some crazy amount of money for something Corvette can build easily and rather inexpensively. It was almost like a Chinese puzzle in its complexity and he even took the time to bevel the outside edges.
I thought I could maybe figure out a way to do this with 2x4's, screws, and saws, but doesn't sound like it. I then use two inexpensive tie downs to secure the front and rear of the engine, using the screw eyes. He wanted to make sure they got there safely, so he asked if I could design a special shipping crate to air-mail them across the pond. My friends, who have my back L, D, and G, they banded together and chipped in and did not give up until they won the crate!
He says people are fighting over it and this is the best way and get this no one else asked for it.
My main concern was my garden would not thrive, but as you will see with the pics, it is doing very well.

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