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Because of the authentic nature of this product, it demands knowledge, experience and the distinction that individual workmanship alone provide, keeping the production in Italy where it originated helps us maintain the consistant engineering required in making Rostigrill products.A  None of our products are mass-produced, as the art of this Italian heritage would be lost.
Place your skewered food to charbroil so that the ends of the bamboo sticks hang over both sides of the stainless steel canal Rostigrill framed body.A  The food is suspended directly over the heat source, providing intense heat where you need it, plain and simple, then rotate the skewers once during the chargrilling process, until the food is piping hot and ready to serve. A This option can provide additional comfort when grilling, as it elevates the height of the grill to the waistline by 8 inches.
The first BBQ grill was as we know it was created approximately 3,000 years ago.A  Back then, they had a name probably called fire pit, today however Rostigrill calls it the "Santorini".

The Santorini can be drawn wide or pulled-in depending on the location and the quantity of food you plan to grill.
This Rostigrill, will let you put a whole chicken, a couple of large t-bone steaks, pork chops with the bone, or a rack of ribs on it easily.A  Adjustable features give additional support to the concept of grilling for larger than bite size pieces of food on a fuel bed of wood or coals.
You may already have a large grill in the back yard, maybe heading to your favorite park or hunt camp where you gather for outdoor cooking to be with family and friends.A  For just a moment, imagine if you had a more direct surface to place your food, adjust it a little bit to accomodate a few more people with a rather generous portion of meat, and maybe a few ears of roasted corn.
Here you have it, the need and flexiblility for the "Santorini" is made just for you!

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