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Around this same time, the Navy of the USSR issued the Leningrad Engineering Special Maritime Bureau "Malachite" specification for the design of modern domestic midget boats. It determined that this boat is designed for use in the maritime theater with an extensive shallow shelf waters, ranging in depth from 10 to 200 meters, which should solve the task of countering the enemy and conduct reconnaissance. Experience designing and implementing such technical means absent because Ostekhbyuro developments and were classified in oblivion. Durable shipping container filled with seawater, was a cylindrical structure length of about 12 meters and a diameter of 62 cm for loading, unloading and diving equipment provided for mounting drawer.
Two-stage damping system in conjunction with noise absorbing coatings on submarine hull design ensures minimal acoustic field. Apart from these, taken on board reconnaissance and sabotage group of six people, which is the main "weapon" of the ship.
Then for two years (!) She passed the factory and state tests, which ended only in December 1988.

It should place the appropriate avionics weapons, mines and torpedoes, as well as diving equipment for specific tasks at depths up to 60 meters. Closer to the nose of the attendant console is an access hatch periscope mine drawer complex radar.
Electromechanical compartment was uninhabited premises, in a campaign visit him only to check the status of technology. The reasons are many: lack of funding, the opinion of a number of naval experts about the uselessness of such ships, as well as the obvious design flaws (too large displacement, exploitation and other difficulties). Since 1989, the "MS-520" was in Liepaja, where subordinate to the commander of the 22nd brigade of submarines. The novelty of the engineering task necessitated do much of the experimental work, modeling and field tests, experiments on individual structures, devices, and technological processes. Bounding the central post nasal spherical bulkhead hatch had the airlock, which could serve as a decompression.

Being outside the boat, they had the opportunity to use her supplied with electricity through wires, as well as to replenish the gas mixture in the respiratory devices. Enthusiastic command of the presence of the compound boat Specialty did not taste as it exits into the sea were associated with certain difficulties, and combat training, because of their nature, proved to be very difficult. Bulkhead located porthole to watch the divers and the gateway to transfer items from the CPU to the camera.

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