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Home Cite A Docks Student Housing: 100 Student Dorm Rooms Made From Shipping Containers.
If you lived in a students’ dorm, you know the hassle that comes with the lack of privacy, crowdedness, noise, sometimes the lack of cooking space and so on. From the architects: “The metal structure allows a better identification of the different rooms, and enhances them through the external extensions that become terraces and balconies.
The new town is the result of the transformation of old containers in modular housing units equipped with every comfort. The solution was found in a metal frame that acts as a structural support to the old container, while allowing to stagger the units, and create new space for walkways, patios and balconies. The building designed by the metal structure is spread over four floors, which are distributed on the 100 studios.
To ensure maximum heat and sound insulation, the walls of the container adjacent to the outside and those that divide the different units have been coated with fire walls in reinforced concrete 40cm wide, and come within layers of rubber to dampen vibrations. The external facade is designed by the combination of the old “boxes” that has kept the undulating, repainted in metallic gray. The prefab WingHouse is a promising design which provides quick shelter that looks to be also quite durable.
The shipping container construction on our house was progressing, so far the containers had been delivered, set in place and bolted together, some of the doors and windows had been cutout and framed.The containers were in set in a square shape with a central area that became the living room when it was finished. The external framing was done for several reasons, the insulation batts will be put between each upright. Where And How To Buy Shipping Containers For Storage, Your House or Shed Apr 18, 16 06:03 PMYou can buy shipping containers online or at your nearest depot, they vary in size, price and condition. Shipping Containers For Sale - Excellent Tips for Buying Or Hiring Apr 11, 16 09:10 PMBuying a container is easy there are shipping containers for sale everywhere, these tips will help you buy or hire the container you want for storage, building a house, long or short term. We Built A Verandah On Our Shipping Container House Apr 10, 16 10:00 PMWe DIY built a verandah to suit our container house which is four metres wide and all the way around. No, this is not an error as the name may imply; it is in fact Nashville’s newest and smallest hotel. One of Australasia’s largest container provider, Royal Wolf, has launched a new lifestyle product called Outdoor Room. The uses for shipping containers once their travels have ended are a source for unlimited creativity. We’ve already seen shipping containers converted into houses, cabins and offices, however this time the direction is even simpler yet so cool, especially in the summertime. In South Korea, a family of seven stood behind the development of an ingenious project with a very tight budget.

As an Eco-friendly architecture buff I was glad to hear about a new kind of prefab called Mesocore Homes. The Dwell starts out conveniently folded up in classic shipping container size, making it easy to transport to your site. The unit was specially designed to work either on-grid or off-grid; the latter will require add-ons for a composting toilet, solar panels, and rainwater collection. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! Mounted on a metal grid, the containers have given shape to a four-story building that houses 100 apartments of 24 square meters each. Unfolding from a shipping container sized box, the building becomes nearly three times the shipping size in just five hours of set up time.
Because they come in the standard shipping container size they are easily transportable and do not need a crane to set down. Because there are no internal supports, a home with a large open floor plan can accommodate three bedrooms.
A collaboration between owner Mark Banks and Architect Nick Dryden, The 404 has emerged as a pearl within a sea of urbanization. It’s actually a traditional shipping container transformed into an extra living space, whether a home office or retreat, studio or guestroom. Hopefully this initiative will further promote this affordable and portable accommodation solution.
This time as an amazing building complex serving as the administrative and office site of the industrial company Royal Wolf in Victoria, Australia. It resides in a unique building made of 78 shipping containers – Eco-friendly architecture for a sustainable building. It’s actually an interesting hybrid combo consisting of a shipping container and prefabricated components. The Dwell from G-pod is a plucky little home that can triple its original size and uses every bit of interior space intelligently. Once there, three of the container’s sides push out to create a much larger living area. A rooftop garden lets you expand your sustainability by growing some of your own food right on top of your living space. All rooms with bathrooms, kitchen, free wifi and has been carefully designed to have a great heat and sound insulation. Cite A Docks is a creative student housing project, located in Le Havre, France from Cattani Architects.

In this way, the units here guests can enjoy the same privacy afforded to units on the upper floors.
The finished product does not look temporary one bit—the multiple configurations can make for a small home, dorms, or office space out of the open 80 square meters.
The walls of the container sized unit rise up like wings (hence the name), with a built-in crane to create a large butterfly roof– this little movie shows how it is done (the design is similar to how the new Glide House unfolds onsite). When one visualizes a boutique hotel nestled within a dense city landscape, the words “infill” and “midrise” probably come to mind.
A clear fusion between function and form, where biological production of vegetables and fruits takes place inside a piece of recycled architecture. Recycled shipping containers assume the main role in the construction, minimizing time and waste of material. This unique house ships as a 20′ container, but once placed at the final building site it expands to a 1000 sq ft green sustainable home with off the grid capabilities. The amazing thing about it is that 100 new student dorm rooms were created by transforming old shipping containers into a four-story building. All the apartments overlook a garden inside and are equipped on both ends of the glass walls that allow natural lighting of spaces.
Tucked behind are a pair of floors which fold down onto a foundation which is not much more than cement blocks.
What won’t come to mind is the word “auto shop”, which is exactly what was utilized to spawn this unique venue.
A pitched roof structure shelters a composition of three container modules: one for the service areas – kitchen and bathroom – while the other two serve as living and sleeping areas. Each apartment has 24 square meters and includes a bathroom and a kitchen, which is just about everything a student could need.
The butterfly roof and horizontal sections to the panels add a clear contemporary style, letting visitors know this is not the same old portable. We have to say we were a bit skeptical at fist when seeing the exterior of this building, as it looks too “metallic” and industrial for our tastes while the overall gray certainly doesn’t go with the exuberance and energy of students. Thanks to their portable nature, the Dwell units can be taken anywhere and can even be grouped together to make entire communities of small-space container homes.

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