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At Tricon Homes we strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to home automation capabilities. Wiring infrastructure that can allow a client to install an affordable, scalable home control sytem capable of being controlled by IPad or Android smart phone or tablet. Manufactured homes are constructed in parts in factories and transported to site on their own wheels, which are never removed.
Manufactured homes are smaller than modular homes, as they are built on a chassis and are transportable. A modular home typically costs the same as a traditional site-built house, with cost varying depending on size and location.
Manufactured homes are built to meet the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (HUD Code). Modular homes are considered more durable than most other homes, as they are designed to survive transport and must meet stringent quality checks.

Manufactured homes are much cheaper than other types of homes and are easily transportable. Modular homes are similar to site-built homes, except that they are quicker to build and considered more durable. Rodeo fine Homes has developed 34 Eco Homes in Newmarket, selling 13 of them on a pre-sales event even before the houses were built.
Each of our homes feature a wiring infrastructure that allows our home owners to install many smart home features including CONTROL 4 home automation. Because manufactured homes are not customizable, buyers can select from a range and receive their house within days. A study by FEMA found that more modular homes survived Hurricane Andrew than other types of homes. They can be bought very quickly, but tend to be smaller than other types of homes and are less durable.

Modular homes are constructed in factories and then transported in parts (or modules) to the building site.
They are highly customizable to the buyer’s needs and generally take 8 to 14 weeks to construct. Explore the interactive tiles below to discover how the fresh start of a truly new home can save you money and enhance your life.

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