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Freighter ships around the world are carrying millions of shipping containers at this very moment.  Once they arrive at there destination, the goods are off loaded and often the shipping container will never find its way back home.
In the world today it is estimated that there is over 30 million shipping containers in the world. It is exciting to see the range of uses these once overlooked “big steel boxes” are now being used for. Fortunately with some great imagination the humble shipping container can take on a new life, in many different ways to create fantastic new homes that will amaze.

These sizes have proven to be very versatile when used for building constructions, as you will see in these creative builds. Approximately 97% of all shipping containers are manufactured in China, not so surprising with much of the world’s products being manufactured in China, and freighted to all corners of the world. Here is a small collection of images showing what is being done with a bit of imagination turning shipping containers into homes.
It is also estimated that almost 10,000 shipping containers are lost at sea each year during transit.

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