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Homemade liquid laundry soap -- teach child!, This homemade liquid laundry soap is so much cheaper than traditional laundry detergent and you know every ingredient that is used since you are making it!. Homemade laundry detergent recipe & tutorial, This homemade laundry detergent uses coconut oil soap, borax, washing soda, and optional essential oils to naturally clean laundry effectively.
Homemade borax-free laundry soap - practically functional, Doing laundry evil, don’ worse toxic chemicals, dyes, irritants laundry soap!.
Making homemade laundry soap - family homestead, No longer rely store bought detergents.
Homemade laundry detergent recipes thriftyfun, Homemade laundry detergent effective store bought brands .
I have been making my own cleaning supplies such as degreasing wipes, for a little over a year now and I am very impressed with how well they clean as well as well as how much cheaper they are! I suppose you are ready for me to tell you how to make this wonderful concoction since I have you convinced to give it a try, huh? About ChristineChristine is a 30-something married mother of a teen daughter and a teen stepdaughter. Hi Betty, I honestly have never had an HE washer, so I don’t know if you are supposed to put it in the the top or the machine itself. I got all my stuff and couldn’t find a recipe that was easy to understand and short…then I found yours! Yeah, at the time I made this recipe, I didn’t have a food processor so I had to use a blender, but I agree, a food processor works amazing! I’m still where you once were, unfortunately, but maybe I will give it a try sometime! I apologize if this has already been answered but, do you just use 2 Tbsp in the big commercial washing machines at the laundry mat? Please remember that I am not a professional doctor, herbalist, naturapath, cosmetologist, or a licenced medical professional of any kind. I will probably get more than 100 loads out of the amount I made as well, making it even cheaper.
A Montana native, living in Washington state, she enjoys the outdoors, hiking and camping, reading, and cooking.

I would think, since it is just laundry detergent, it should go where you have been putting it?
Any Recipes, Tips, DiYs, posts or info contained herein is for entertainment and information only.
Her blog, Saved by Grace, was started in 2011 out of boredom and led to a passion for writing and sharing her tips for green living as well as frugal living, recipes, natural living and DIY's.
I do not use oxyclean because I have heard you are not supposed to mix it with bleach, so I did not add it to my detergent when I made it. I'm an Eco-friendly, frugal living 30 something hippie at heart blogger gal trying to survive Chronic illness and my Teen girl's mood swings. Note that any use on your own part of the info herein is a personal risk and I cannot be held liable for it.
I enjoy walks on the beach and thrift shopping and I am here to help you live a full life no matter what your challenges are! Later I read that if you microwave Ivory Soap bars briefly (look all bubbly) they will simply disolve in your hands making blending even easier !! I have been making my laundry soap for almost 4 months now but I had always used fels naptha so this is new to me using the zote!
I am so excited to get started finnfemme June 10th, 2013 Hi Pat, hopefully Amanda will pop back in and tell us her microwaving tips! At first I was thinking Salad Spinner, and I was wondering how that could possibly grate soap -LOL! I found it at K-Mart the other day so I was checking for recipes so I could make some more. Since there is only 2 of us I don’t have lots of laundry like you do with kids around. Hubby likes the homemade laundry detergent & vinegar because he likes how soft it makes his blue jeans. I use a home made softner as well… its 2 cups hair conditioner, 3 cups vinegar, 6 cups hot water.
Maybe with my next batch I’ll try, although I am really happy with just grating it.LOVE the idea of melting the soap and adding hot water!

Although I do like the effectiveness of just plain rubbing the soap on the stain as a pre-treater too. This recipe is very hard-working without the need for suds, and it rinses out very cleanly.Hi Chris, Interesting additions! The neat thing about this recipe is that it is basic and you can add whatever ingredients you want. I add Purex Crystals from time to time if I want a bit more scent, but a little goes a long way!~Marilyn cmjanmommy August 3rd, 2013 Thanks for sharing! It works perfectly for a half load.The ZOTE was kind of sticky at first but I mixed it all in. I have quite a stockpile of pink Zote now that will last me quite a while!I find the Zote is a bit sticky at first, but is absorbed by the Borax and washing soda. I haven’t been brave enough to use totally cold water all the way, but perhaps this is something I should do for an experiment! I haven’t yet tried doing it that way, but I might get my son to do it before he heads back to college. It originally was used by women who washed their laundry by hand in the rivers, or at home in the sink. And yes, the fabulous fragrance is essential citronella oil, a plant that originally came from Europe.I cannot sing the praises of Zote enough – what can I say, I love it! I also put the powdered ingredients into a food processor mixing it in small batches with the clumpy, powdery, microwaved Zote, then remixed it all by hand in a large bucket. I still haven’t tried microwaving the Zote because I am quite fond of the grated Zote, but I know that a lot of people are interested in trying the microwave method.

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