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My daughter goes to college out of state, so we rent a storage room over the summer for things that don't need to come home. I live in a 14' rowhome with very little closet place but since I live in Baltimore, I host many family members and friends who come to vacation.
Simply place about 25 beads (a small handful) in the vacuum bag or canister and vacuum away. With these cleverly designed storage totes, that forgotten space can become your extra closet or linen cupboard.

Not only will you be cleaning your home, you will be releasing a fabulous fragrance in the air as well.
The vacuum-sealable compression bags fit neatly within the totes and store up to four times more contents than similarly sized boxes or bins. These compression bags not only keep the seal secure, but the square design, side handles and the number of items it will hold, made this the answer to my storage issues.
I can fit a whole set of bedding for a queen sized bed in one; that is a mattress cover, sheet set, blanket, bedspread and 4 pillows!

Airtight and moisture-proof, the bags protect your belongings from dust, insects and odors. Now that's smart storage!

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