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April 16, the 6th episode of the KBS drama "The Queen of Office" featured Jung Joo Ri (Jung Yu Mi) receiving an imitation designer bag from her mother. Ironically, Y-Jang employees are hosting a show about how to differentiate authentic designer bags from imitation ones.
People who were hosting the show laughed at Jung Joo Ri and handled her handbag without any respect.
Jung Joo Ri and the employees of Y-Jang arrive at the home shopping network for a soy sauce contract.

Furious at the sight, Jung Joo Ri runs into the scene unexpectedly and ruins the live show.
Miss Kim sees the whole thing and decides to become a model for the home shopping network to help sales.
The employees at the network ask Jung Joo Ri to borrow her imitation designer handbag for the show. Kim Hye Soo drew attention for her voluminous figure posing in the red underwear that is very hard to pull off.

Miss Kim's efforts significantly increase the number of sales and make up for the damage caused by Jung Joo Ri.

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