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Acclaimed designer Anna Griffin offers a collection of high-quality crafting products, accessories and home lifestyle pieces, all in her sophisticated signature style. I love this shredder, I've had many and this is the best, I shred a lot of papers daily.
Works great and so easy to dispose of the shredded paper since the container just slides out.
Don't let your information fall into the wrong hands; there's no excuse for leaving personal information where it can be stolen.
I had a Royal crosscut shredder that I bought many years ago and I saw this one on HSN and thought it was a good time to replace it with the new micro cut shredder. If I could give this shredder 10 stars I would this Is by far the best shredder I ever had and I have had quite a few.

I was sitting in front of my computer waiting for my shredder when I got the message on my computer that UPS had delivered it. Boasting a selection of Christmas-themed images, this cartridge lets you create thoughtful homemade cards to show just how much you care. Inspired by antique textiles, prints and vintage botanicals, Anna's intricate patterns grace everything from papercrafting supplies to bed linens and wallpaper.
Feel secure with Royal's micro-cutting abilities, providing you with peace of mind up to twelve sheets at a time.
Elegant finishes and fashionable color palettes combine for an effortlessly coordinated look in the "go-big" patterns for which Anna is known.
It's even got a little extra to offer: plug in your mobile device and let it charge as you clean off your desk and go through the junk mail.

Its microcut operation turns your personal information into useless confetti, giving you peace of mind against identity thieves.
Now, when you throw something away, you won't have to worry about it resurfacing in unfriendly hands.

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