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Imagine you’re a high-ranking North Korean bureaucrat living in Pyongyang, have a few thousand euros burning a hole in your pocket, and need to purchase a 36” flat screen TV, leather couch, cigarettes, and tortilla chips.
When we arrived at the Paradise Department Store it was devoid of customers, save for two North Korean men wandering the various floors scoping out the available merchandise.
Since I had arrived in Pyongyang loaded down with bags of trail mix and Snickers bars, I didn’t need any snacks, so headed straight towards the liquor aisle to pick up a few bottles of soju to take back to the US. The payment system at the Paradise Department Store is very similar to what existed in many Soviet-era stores (and, to some extent, still exists in stores throughout the former Soviet republics). North Korea: Mass Dance videos (aka massive dance party, Pyongyang style) Here are a few videos I took of the Mass Dance to celebrate the DPRK’s independence day.

POTD: Air Koryo office in Pyongyang, North Korea Booking office for Air Koryo, the North Korean state-owned airline. I’ve just finalised a tour to Pyongyang and both the Paradise Dept Store and the microbrewery are on my itinerary… seriously excited by this! Having said that, the idea of a department store like this is a bit crazy, even offensive, when you consider what the average North Korean earns. Imperialist who obviously wasn’t comprehending the inferiority of this particular cigarette brand, the clerk called over another clerk with a stronger command of the English language.
I wonder if ordinary citizens are allowed to walk in them and just watch the products, even if they can’t buy.

I would imagine that for an average school teacher, a flat screen TV would quite literally cost ten year’s wages, if not more.
Yes, they could shop here if they wanted but they have no problem finding anything that is sold in China in no time.
So when our guides announced that they were taking us to a “local bar” after dinner one evening, we were pretty excited.

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