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Greywater recycling is the practice of reusing water produced from the shower, washing machine and bathroom or laundry sinks.
When using greywater in the landscape for irrigation the complexity of the greywater system to be installed can vary by the specific landscape's needs. The instant distribution application is the most straight forward and preferred application for the Flotender Greywater Recycling System. An instant distribution greywater system is favorable when the objective is to reuse greywater in irrigation without having to deal with the system complexity or permitting process of involved with a greywater storage system.
In more complex greywater recycling scenarios the Flotender Greywater Filter can be placed “downstream” from a any 3rd party greywater storage tank. A delayed distribution greywater irrigation system is favorable when very delicate plants requiring a specific amount of water daily are attached to the drip irrigation system. Rainwater collection can be integrated with both the instant distribution and delayed distribution greywater systems. Providing supplementary water for the greywater recycling system, the stored rainwater can even be supplemented with a potable water fill valve to ensure that there is always an ample supply of backup water available. Please visit the Flotender System and GreyLink System websites for additional information on our greywater recycling systems. The vast majority of Flotender systems that are installed fall into one of the categories above. Without getting too trite and sappy, fresh water is our most precious and unappreciated resource.
To get set up with a single barrel, you just need a trash can and a couple of downspout elbows.
NOTE: Using rigid pipe (that doesna€™t collapse or compress) to gang barrels allows you to get by without using fittings. I also had a spare gasketed fitting from a water heater drip pan, which I used to connect the PVC to the main barrel. That said, if youa€™re only using one barrel, ita€™s possible to get set up for less than $16. For multiple-barrel, emergency water storage setups, you will also need a drill with a spade bit for drilling the holes for the connecting pipe.If youa€™re having trouble fitting the elbows to the downspout, a needle nose pliers is helpful for crimping the ends. Assembling the two 45 degree elbows this way will a€?joga€? the downspout away from the wall, allowing it to enter the barrel easier.
Remember, as my grandfather would say, a€?This aina€™t no jewelry box.a€? If the cutout in the lid is not perfect, you can adjust the position of the barrel later.
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The water produced from these household fixtures is typically fairly clean and when properly filtered can be reused in a number of different ways. Modern, low or variable flushing toilets require a fairly low amount of water per flush and the water savings generated by reusing greywater for this function is typically insignificant.
Drip irrigation provides efficient water delivery to plants, trees and flowers throughout the landscape while greatly reducing evaporation. In this type of installation, when greywater enters the Flotender Greywater Filter (processor) it is immediately filtered, pressurized and pumped out to the drip irrigation system.
Instant distribution is the most commonly used configuration for residential greywater systems and is very straight forward in it's operation. In this system application the greywater from the storage tank will be pumped out to the Flotender Greywater Filter on a timed schedule.
With a delayed distribution system, a specific amount of water can be allocated to the plants based on a pre-determined schedule. A rainwater catchment cistern can be installed “upstream” from the Flotender Greywater Filter.
Available resources include specification sheets, CAD details, detailed system illustrations, accessories and system pricing. If you have a custom application that you would like to discuss please feel free to give us a call at (800) 906-0604.
Simply drill the connecting holes a little smaller than the outside diameter of the pipe and it will fit snugly. It is unnecessary, as the hole where the PVC enters the second barrel doesna€™t leak without a fitting, so I didna€™t include it in the material cost.
Remove the connecting screws and bend back the strapping to remove the downspout from the wall.
Lift the lid of the barrel straight up and trace around where the bottom of the elbow touches the top of the lid.
If necessary, from the leftover section of downspout, cut a length so it extends inside, a few inches below the rim of the barrel. To connect another barrel, drill a 1.25 inch hole approximately 4 inches down from the rim, in the same spot on the first and second barrels. Cut a 12 inch section of 1 inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe with a hacksaw and thread it through the 1.25 inch holes in both barrels. Finally, drill 2-3 overflow holes in the second (or last) barrel approximately 2 inches from the rim.
Toilet, dishwasher and kitchen sink water is considered blackwater and cannot be reused for any purpose without extensive chemical treatment. In order for greywater to be reused indoors the water must be chemically treated, dyed and processed through a sophisticated filter which often requires frequent maintenance and extensive permitting.
Because the greywater is being reused outdoor where minimum human contact is expected, permitting is far less rigorous than when reused in an indoor application. The Flotender Greywater Filter provides surge capacity to handle the flow of the greywater fixtures being used. Most landscapes require more greywater for proper irrigation than the amount of greywater the home actually produces.
The Flotender Greywater Filter will then operate as an instant distribution system but only when greywater is transported from the storage tank.

Another form of a delayed distribution system is the GreyLink system which features a built-in reservoir, an irrigation controller and multi-zone function. A Filtrific Rainwater Filter can be installed at the downspout to catch any debris before it enters the cistern. To buy a 55 gallon capacity, ready-made rain barrel from the store, it would have cost around $100. Awwwwwwwa€¦)By harvesting rainwater, you can not only ensure your plants survive, but that you can too. If youa€™d like to purchase a similar fitting anyway, it would run about $10.The material cost below is from my local home improvement store. If youa€™re going to place the barrel on bricks or a stand, put those in place first, then place your barrel on top. If the downspout wona€™t slide into the elbow, crimp the ends of the downspout with a needle nose pliers. Additionally, according to a greywater study from Kohler, greywater can cause excessive wear on toilets and is therefore not recommended.
Greywater is not recommended for irrigating lawns as grass areas are best irrigated by spray irrigation which is against code in virtually every municipality in the United States. The amount of surge capacity required coincides with the amount of greywater flowing into the fixture simultaneously. Due to this deficiency a greywater storage option as detailed below would not be utilized as there would be very little if any greywater to store on a regular basis. It may sound far-fetched, but in the past, during severe droughts, towns in America have run out of water.
However, you can substitute just about any type of pipe you like; low pressure PVC, CPVC, PEX, copper, galvanized, landscape pipe, garden hose, or any other flexible tubing. Also, because most downspouts already have an elbow at the bottom, you may only need to buy one more. You can completely remove the lower strapping (near the ground) from the wall; you dona€™t need it anymore. There are no fancy hose fittings or complicated overflow valves.But therea€™s also less that can go wrong (not to mention easier to construct and less expensive). And without a spigot at the bottom, therea€™s no way for my barrels to leak.With this method, therea€™s virtually no limit to the amount of water you can collect. Here it is screwed into the top!For the water hose holder I found this wall mount holder for $5 at Walmart. Hehe ??Then, I just put my hose holder into the hole, added a few rocks to help stabilize it and filled the dirt back in.
Shanty2ChicYou probably repinned a photo that looked like it went to our site but was directing to a different page. Sooo simple too ?? Only thing is, where I need to put it is all concrete so I can’t bury it… Any thoughts on a base for a freestanding one?

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