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Thicker cold-rolled steel solid frame construction holds up to wear and tear; can bear 330 lb.
This question is from Filter and Self-Clean Stainless Base Load Water Cooler - Uses Brita Pitcher Filters 1 answer This comes with a filter and can u use tap water? This question is from Filter and Self-Clean Stainless Base Load Water Cooler - Uses Brita Pitcher Filters 1 answer Can you turn the hot water option off? Every time we want to make cup of coffee, we have to warm the water and wait and the water is not hot enough for coffee or tea.
Avanti's thermo electronic cold and room-temperature water dispenser features a lightweight countertop design for convenient access to water throughout the day. The bottom loading is so easy and convenient I don't need to ask my boys to replace the bottle. Filter that came with the unit does not appear to fit the unit, but can't tell from user manual because the only mention of the filter is to change it.
While I loved this water cooler it didn't last 6 months before the hot water stopped dispensing.
Ideal for use in small offices, homes, waiting rooms, kitchens, and more, this water dispenser holds 3 and 5 gal.
Delivered bottles cost about $8 a piece, and at the common four bottles a month, that adds up to a significant $384 a year.

This product is quiet, has excellent quality, is beautiful, and has a high degree of engineering and manufacture built into it.
I didn't think the light was necessary, I didn't like how you can't turn it off but I've become used to it and now I love it. Our Water Filter Professional Bottom Loading Water Cooler uses a Brita pitcher filter and plain tap water instead of having to buy bottled water. If you are tired of having to replace your water cooler every few years this cooler is for you. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed. This unit is lightweight and energy efficient with silent thermoelectric model with non-compressor system. At four bottles filtered a month, the cost is an affordable $30 a year; a hefty savings of $354. The energy saving KETTLE feature provides hot water when needed plus includes a childproof safety switch.
With a normal cooler, you need to store a month's supply of bottles, arrange for deliveries, or lug them home from the grocery store.
I would have given it 5 stars but I contacted the company regarding a loose cabinet door and have not heard back from them.

Unlike normal filtering coolers, our Water Filter Cooler uses the highly effective Brita pitcher filters to clean your water. Just the looks of this unit is enough to convince you it is not ordinary and to my wife and I the confidence that goes with that makes us feel this will last a long time. And with no permanent plumbing hookup, you have the freedom to move the cooler where you like. To keep your water tasting fresh over years, the cooler automatically cleans itself using unstable oxygen self-cleaning technology. This kills bacteria and prevents the buildup of bacteria bio-film that develops in normal coolers that aren't cleaned regularly.
Glacial Professional Grade water coolers consistently outperform other commercial grade water coolers in both cooling and heating temperatures, as well as lifespan.

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