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Large boxes hold more goods but are heavier when fully packed so something in a mid size usually works best. This Pratt Retail Specialties 10-Box bundle is perfect for shipping and storing large items. The Pratt Retail Specialties Heavy Duty Extra Large Moving Box is ideal for shipping or storing larger items.
This question is from Heavy Duty Extra Large Box 5 answers what is the rating for this box?
Used one of these to ship an expensive laptop to my son in the Navy along with a back pack and assorted accessories. Just wrote up on this box, it's the strongest box in my 20 years of shipping & receiving I have ever used.
Actually, this box is the strongest box I have ever used, literally 2 boxes joined together and shipping proof.

This question is from Heavy Duty Extra Large Box 3 answers WHAT ARE THE DEMINSIONS OF THIS BOX.
This Pratt Retail Specialties 10-Box Extra-Large Box Bundle is great for moving and storing large, light items, such as blankets, clothes, pillows and lamps.
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The double wall heavy duty construction is ideal for long term storage and for moving valuable and fragile items. It is extremely thin and weak and should not be used for anything but light weight items, or blankets i.e.
I ought to know, been in shipping and receiving and an online seller for almost 20 years (on eBay since it started).
Heavy duty boxes are a great choice for storing in non-climate controlled areas such as attics, basements, garages and mini-storage warehouses.

I don't think you will be disappointed, but if you are, you can return any unused boxes within 90-days for a refund. Large Moving Box (15-Pack) 3 answers can i purchase a single or only 1 box that can carry weight up to 35 Kg? Extra-Large Moving Box (10-Pack) 2 answers why is tape shown with boxes, do you have to tape after building them or do they stay together by folding? Extra-Large Moving Box (10-Pack) 1 answer Why are these more expensive per box than buying individually? If you picture is 36a€?x42a€?, you would not be able to apply bubble wrap around the edges for protection.

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