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This easy to assemble cargo box is just the ticket for trips close to home when you need that extra space in your vehicle. Buyers Products poly underbody toolboxes are the latest in rugged cargo containment for under body applications. The rotationally molded toolboxes won't rust or dent and the Stainless Steel T-latch keeps your cargo secure. Skyline Cargo Box in Gray 0 answers What cross bars will I need to purchase for this cargo box? Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed.

So much so that it makes it more difficut to assemble because the lid was always flopping around.
You literally need someone to crawl insde of it and close the lid in order to assemble one of the parts.
One of the keys actually broke and one of the locks takes a couple of tries to get the key in correctly to lock or unlock it.
Attaching it to the crossbars is very easy on the passenger side that opens, but next to impossible on the drivers side. When open, you need someone with long thin arms to be able to reach around the open part to attach the bolts inside.

Getting these bolts off so you can store the thing is just as difficult for the same reason. I used this only once and then went an purchased a rear opening cargo carrier that was much easier to install. Do yourself a favor and pass this one up for another that's about the same price that is rear opening, like the Sportrack Vista.

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