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Plans, designs and drawings are neat – but in action photographs is where we see the real wonder of shipping container home construction.
Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes!
Shipping container homes are a new way of obtaining a cheaper home and acquiring a new lifestyle for your family. King County in Washington has about 26,000 acres of parks and open spaces with trails, trees, and streams.
Container homes are featured including architecture, design, style and building information for steel vessels that were once used for shipping and cargo.
Cargo containers are of increasing interest to architects who plan to make them into homes, offices and other buildings through simple modifications and conversions.
Well it is now September in Costa Rica and the shipping container home building business is preparing for its newest container home model. Shipping container homes, offices and buildings offer low cost, efficiency and flexibility.
Shipping Container Home Plans : Shipping Container Home Building PlansHome plans Shipping container are relatively easy to build.
Before I get all negative on container built houses or structures I need to mention that there are a few situations that containers could work well and I’ll talk about those here too. Cost: After you add up all the costs this is the main drawback of integrating shipping containers into your building.
While writing this article I stumbled up the Field Lab in SouthWest Texas, he has come to similar experience and makes the very interesting point that most container buildings are just concepts, renderings and 3D images. Talking about storage and bad looks you could have a win win situation by burying a container and leave the door exposed from the side of the hill for access. I am a Principal of HyBrid and HyBrid was the Architect of Design and the Architect of Record for the top green buildings that you see, the c3600 buildings in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. If you want to make a container building less expensive, use as few containers as possible and alter them as little as possible. The building cost about 20% to 40% less than conventional construction and was designed for a 6 month erection.

Please note, the clients for these buildings are an interior design firm which sometimes likes to imply that we did not design this project so that people presume that they designed it.
On this project our interior designer client operated as typical clients who approved the designs that we developed as the project advanced. One scheme I did consider, though, was building a house from containers within a larger greenhouse – using the containers as a back-bone structure to stiffen the greenhouse. Even without insulation on the inside the width is awkward as a single container is a bit too narrow for most rooms yet a double container is too wide in many cases – at least for a fairly modest European sized house. Building becomes as easy as stacking giant modular metal LEGOs – prefabricated, pre-cut cargo containers already sized, scaled and structured to be transported. Cost of purchase, transportation to site, cost and time involved with conversion, flooring, windows insulation, walls, plasma cutter to make windows and modifications. Meaning the appraiser for the bank of a potential buyer won’t add any value based on your container home. It is possibly to have a tilting flat bed truck deliver it to your place and simply tilt it off the back.
So if you want to build with them, don’t think so conventionally like you would if you were building a conventional house. A used container will cost between $800 and $6000 each, depending on size, age, condition and distance from the building site. It takes far less energy to reuse shipping containers in a building than to melt them down and reform then into steel beams. Using unwanted and cheap materials due to the trade deficit with China really make sense to save money on the surface But the more I think about it they don’t seem to live up to the hype for most situations. I live in the port city of Seattle and see thousands of containers stacked and put onto trains every year as I drive to work. If your plan is to cover up the shipping container to make it look better, what is the point of using them? If you need a secure place to store valuable tools generators etc while you’re away then they may beĀ  a great option. There are a good number of projects needed to run a shipping container home in a setting of preparation, construction and.

The only thing that will prevent this is good insulation and that will take up more space in your container.
For some jobs you may need to rent a crane to unload especially if you want to stack your containers.
This includes the establishment of a foundation, door frames and cut, insulating windows, installing utilities and the addition of a roof and floor. Right next to a place where they load containers on barges to ship to Alaska is a metal recyclers yard. If you have a remote site that is heavily treed this may be a problem or cost extra for delivery. In fact this may be the best reason to use containers in my humble opinion, for secure storage of your valuables on remote sites. You guy definitely used them well can as you say if you have a specific goal in mind the containers may be a solution. When you buy any shipping container it is previously equipped with partitions, floor as well as roof.
Make no mistake that if a container is damaged so much that it can’t be used and no one will buy it they will sell it for scrap steel to the recyclers. On the flip side if you want an instant cabin or living space and could afford a helicopter to carry it pre-made to your site this could be a great solution.
For the same or slightly less cost you could build a similar sized stick built structure that would be as waterproof and possibly more comfortable because you could design it from scratch for humans and not cargo.
But at that point you’re pretty much running a military operation and money is not an object.

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