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Before we go over some of the most popular display cases I want to make a note that a lot of cases can be found on Craigslist.
The 4 foot wall display case works well for displaying products such as shoes, purses and sports memorabilia. If you can take advantage of selling shirts or apparel in your store, this display is a must.
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Display cases add a certain sense of professionalism while giving you the ability to show off high priced merchandise to customers.
Check out the business section on Craigslist in your area, I have found all of my used glass display cases on Craigslist for much less, in some cases free!

What’s great about using this gondola is there is a huge amount of customization you can do. It can display many shirts on either side hanging from the arms and from the two metal bars next to each set of shelves. Customers will view your store as a much cleaner and more organized store if you have neat and clean, and well optimized, glass displays for your product. A clear glass display with shelves is a perfect way for customers to browse without touching.
Keep in mind I will be going over different types of glass display cases and what they’re best used for and I will give you what the going rate is for that display.
I own a retail store that deals with video games and use this to display gaming systems and high dollar accessories.

Even though the displays are used in most cases its impossible to tell if it is cleaned up and only you will know that you got a great looking display case for cheap. The cleaning brush stays free of sand or gravel, preventing scratching and the strong attracting magnets easily remove algae. The only downside to glass display cases is the price, many new cases can run over 1,000 dollars. Shopping for used glass display cases can save a ton of money for any business and can fill your store with displays for half the price!

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