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I picked up a couple of bottles thinking I may have to try a few different nipples before my baby took it but she seem to love these.
Glass baby bottles are the way to go, and now a new bottle cover, Siliskin by Silikids, gives plastic users one less excuse.
My daughter was fed exclusively by me from Evenflo glass bottles, or direct from her mother’s tap. If a bottle breaks, glass shards are likely to be partially contained inside the silicone wrappera€”and maybe the wrapper prevents breakage in the first place. The silicone material is already a good gripping surface, but there are also nubbins placed around the bottle. The bottle never broke, but on the last test, with water, hitting hard laminate flooring, the bottle hit cap-first…. In other words, buy one Siliskin in each size, and a bunch of inexpensive plain Evenflo bottles.
You addressed the issue of heating in a bottle warmer or microwave (which I would never do anyway) but what about heating the bottle in boiling water, will this be able to withstand stove top boiling? There is zero conclusive evidence supporting its dangers and the website you reference,, is nothing but inflammatory and the articles have no documentation to support their claims.
If the messaging around BPA is extreme, it’s because the data from research studies is extreme. As for your glass example, any object in your home could be used to hit a toddler, but you’ve singled out glass. To me, debating the legitimacy of the many BPA studies is about worthwhile as debating global warming. I may be incorrect, I believe that your posting, and supported BPA website link, plays into unecessary fears.
Hopefully, you would not assume the same for me, just because I work for a large multi-national company.
Expert panels reviewed data and concluded that while BPA levels are detected in humans, they are not high enough to product toxic effects. Your Siliskin review was very helpful and I have to agree that it’s one of my favorite safer baby bottle options to date. The discussion you had with Bill reminds of how I felt when I first read about concerns surrounding BPA – I was absolutely incredulous. All I can say is that new knowledge of anything and everything in life begins with small questions and eventually grows to a full investigation if needed.
And even if BPA was not an issue, plastic is still unquestionably bad for us because of its toxic afterlife.
We would place a container with hot water in the sink and place the bottle inside the container. I have been reading this blog and am very glad for the info on the siliskin – which I am going to buy, along with my glass bottles. The comments defending bpa containing plastics reminds me of the arguments made in the 70′s about tobacco. Those, who try to be cautious and eliminate as many possible causes of illness are smart because there is no harm in being too safe.

For me, my family, and everyone I talk to about this subject, we prefer to use something that will not increase the amount of chemicals in our bodies. He told my husband that if the average person knew exactly what went into making plastic, then they would never buy it again.
I would also really like to know if these will fit the born free bottle or if anyone knows of something that will….
My grandson is not being breastfed and I am concerned about the carcenogens that are associated with plastic bottles so I decided to buy him some glass bottles. You may inquire what the rate will be to your destination prior to purchasing, as the amount may be much less. I strive to review products I can recommend, and I cannot recommend plastic bottles… if not for their potential health risks, then for their toxic afterlife. Glass is safe, washes and freezes well (haven’t had one crack anyhow) and is eminently reusable a€“ plastic wears quickly with scrapes and repeated washings.
I’ll be glad to hand my almost-4-year-old daughter a Siliskin-protected bottle when she learns to help feed her baby brother in a few months.
That’s crucial because Evenflo is one of maybe a handful of companies offering glass bottles today in America, and yet the bottles are reasonably priced. Curses upon the Baby Product Cabal that decided everything for babies must be in primary colors.
I would normally only be using the round cap piece in question when storing milk in the refrigerator. Your mileage may vary of course, but I trust the thick Evenflo bottles a long way even without a wrapper.
Glass bottles are not recommended for bottle warmers because the glass can quickly overheat. Save yourself gobs of money by using the Siliskin on whichever bottle is clean at the moment. I finagle the bottle through the skin’s narrow hole, and then slide the skin on in a straight forward fashion.
If the milk is to be frozen, glass is the preferred choice as it is less porous and offers the best protection. Of course, after the article was written, polycarbonate was realized to be a type of plastic usually associated with bisphenol-A. If you feel the research out there is insufficient, go ahead and roll the dice with your kids. Your suggested reading is from an organization Wikipedia doesn’t provide a very convincing description for. I don’t believe there is a vast conspiracy on the part of researchers around the world to demonize BPA. Until the day arrives when we can cart the world’s old plastic on a space barge to be crashed into the sun, I will recommend glass. My daughter has been drinking out of the Avent bottles, which was shown in one study to release the most bph out of the 5 brands that were tested (UGH!) There is article after article after article and news reports regarding the release of toxins from plastic containers.
The only harm is to the pocketbooks of those who have vested interest in chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

They were used for feeding babies for decades and their use only declined because plastic companies put out lots of advertising and people bought into them because they were new, decorative, etc. He did, but the company (I believe it was Phillip Morris) fired him and told him they couldn’t have a safe cigarette because nobody would be addicted to it and their sales would drop. My son drinks from the evenflo bottles but sucks so hard that he flatens the nipples out and has trouble getting a goood flow (the next nipple level is too fast a flow for him. They are really easy to clean and I love that they are glass so no worries about leaching plastic or metal taste. The bottom of the bottle is marked as follows: L-752A(top), 5(left), R(bottom), 5 64(right) and a symbol that appears to be an anchor. Some plastic bottles are now being made without bisphenol-A, but why bother navigating that maze when time-tested healthy and environmentally friendly glass exists? If you don’t resell your glass bottles after your last child, they are easily recycled. The Siliskin colors vary between the 4 and 8 ounce bottles, coming in sedate aqua, lime, purple, pink or white. I consider this breakage a fluke, not likely to happen very often, unless you’re a proficient bottle dropper when opening your fridge.
The slope makes the hole where you insert the bottle smaller than the bottle’s circumference. I’d love to get rid of the plastic bottles and those metal ones are darned expensive.
For the person to say his children drank out of them and are fine isn’t something he can say definitely, either. They receive more than 75 percent of their funding from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
Then he had to find a way around the secrecy clause they had sworn him to to report it to the FBI.
RSS feed is provided for personal private use, not full-text syndication on public third party sites. Even if it would only drop the price down a couple of bucks, I simply don’t need another bottle.
Many of the pro-plastic webistes that doubt bpa’s being unsafe are owned by plastic companies. I don’t understand how the leaders of these companies can lay their heads down at night. The Big Idea is that its silicone skin will help reduce the chance of the bottle chipping or breaking when dropped. I have found research on BPA leeching into bottles dating back to 2005, yet not one bottle maker was responsible enough or cared enough about their consumers to pull it from the shelves.
Especially for someone (Wakeup Bill) who thinks that their company would NEVER engage in such a tactic.

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