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Shanty 2 chic is all about efficiency with style and that is exactly what we have here and why I am happy to feature them. Path two is similar to path one with the bulk staples part of it, but most of the stuff you’ve got stored is preserved from your own production, or from stocking up on things during the cheap part of the year.
Since most of the time prepackaged items are pretty expensive, I generally recommend going the self-packaging route either way here. There’s such a huge variety of stuff available in freeze dried form that you can really fill out your storage with stuff that will keep your meal plans from getting bland in any sort of disaster situation.
The other route is to take the extra production from your garden, from fishing and hunting, or from your local farmers market or butcher shop (when its on sale). But don’t forget about dehydrating, making jerky, and other things that will give you reasonably shelf stable foods. Walmart paint department has white five gallon pails with cover for $4.00 and they are food grade safe.
I am amazed at the number of people I come into contact with who talk about storing food for any length of time especially when they talk about freezing it.
If you want a good food source have an all year round vegetable garden and make sure you grow a variety of legumes for drying as they are a great source of protein. Too many people appear to be spending too much time, money and resources on food that they cannot grow to put in their storeroom and the reality is that it will only last for so long if you are unable to source food from elsewhere. If the current system were to fail for any great length of time we will all have to alter our diet as much of what we now consider staples will become unavailable and many of them we will be unable to grow in the home style garden.
I’d recommend that everyone be familiar with food safety regarding power outages, refrigerators, and freezers.

Practically speaking, I personally like the idea of preserving food by canning, dehydrating, AND freezing so I wouldn’t chance to lose everything if the grid went down. I read an article on the net (I don’t remember where), about a family that tried to live off of nothing but Mountain House food. The frozen MRE’s that many people are storing for the inevitable rainy day are not something that should be eaten on a regular basis.
We live on totally off the grid and for some time our solar power system has not been working the way it was designed to. We only freeze what is excess to our immediate needs in the way of home slaughtered meat and home grown vegetables but the essential items in our long term food storage are either dried, canned (commercially) purchased, preserved (home grown) or fresh from the garden and orchard.
We have friends who live on the grid who most years throw out food from their refrigerators and freezers due to power outages. Check out this detailed and easy to follow tutorial (with pics) on how to build a sweet spot to store your canned food. Please do not tell me of the generator or fuel you have as there are better things to be spending your money on if you are serious about long term survival. The time that your stored food will last you, your family and any other freeloaders is the amount of time you will have in times of a real emergency to get your own garden into production, at least 12 to 18 weeks if you have a suitable area, climate, water, tools, seeds and the labour to do the work. In a packed freezer, food will thaw slowly and can be used as long as it is still partially frozen.
I would look for a scientific research-based guide like a publication from a university or extension service. Ask any soldier that has eaten them and they will tell you that they play merry hell in ones insides and there are a number of blogs relating to the problems they cause.

There is plenty of dried and canned food readily available that needs no energy to store and is better suited to day to day needs as it has less chemicals in it and therefore does not upset one to the point where several trips to the toilet are required to get rid of the problem. I had a friend (an ex military electronics specialist) come over and he found that two circuit boards had failed and although they only caused me minor irritations by not allowing the system to work as it should they had the potential to drag the entire system down.
A backup generator is great to have on hand but they have limitations due to their initial cost and running expenses, in many situations their noise can be a problem and worst of all just when you do need them they can break down. Freeze dried pouches and cans should be a nice addition to a food storage pantry, not the foundation. If any part of the governing system as we know it were to fail for any reason and electricity and energy became erratic in its supply or too expensive then it is pointless having quantities of food stored in freezers. One thing I would like to add here for those that garden but do not have a lot of storage space. If you want to store food for after the day of reckoning then store it so that it does not require energy and is more aligned to what you would normally eat.
Think about buying seeds and using hydroponics as part of a long term food solution that can be replenished from harvested seeds year round.

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