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Once assembled, the fully galvanised steel Expandastore containers are remarkably robust, with a real double locking system to deter the most determined thief.
Assembly of the Expanda-store is simple and quick and can be carried out using a socket set and screwdriver, by anyone with basic DIY abilities. Modular – additional Expandastore containers can be added either side by side or back to back at any time. Versatile – a wide range of options is available and once erected, the Expandastore can be lifted from its lifting eyes with a cargo on board! Manufacturer and distributor of container buildings, flat pack steel frame structures, workforce camps, temporary housing and hotels.

Due to its removable wall design, GML flat packs allow quick and easy modifications in the field. Flat pack units can be shipped to site, knocked down in self-contained stacks 4 high, or packed into standard ISO shipping containers.
On average, most GML flat pack style dorms can have the base structure of each module put together and fully weatherized within 4 hours or less from the time it arrives onsite. GML signs deal with worlds largest producer of copper to build multiple custom two story mine dry units. GML proudly announces that it has added another manufacturing site, approved to CSA Standard A277 by Intertek, in British Columbia to begin producing container and flat pack product in Canada.

The flat pack storage containers manufacturers has uploaded 2506 flat pack storage containers pictures for their flat pack storage containers products for sale, 1-20 flat pack storage containers images are displayed. Our two separate and independent production lines allow for redundancy and significantly reduce production down times. As an example, an office unit can be retrofitted into an accommodation unit in less than a day.

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