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Now, it does include these 6 tie down straps, this is to secure to the cargo carrier and again I mentioned this, I have it filled up with stuff, just to show you how big it is, but it will fold flat for easy storage.It is a double zipper, as you can see, 1 goes that way and 1 goes that way and it does go all the way around and down the side, so it opens on 3 sides. Now I can load the truck several days ahead and not worry about storing the stuff in my living room (my wife is ecstatic).
The material of this bag is very heavy duty which should help to avoid punctures and leaks. 113847CommentsWe used the cover only on one trip since we had a fire and the hitch carrier was burned. This fit my needs perfectly, it seem to be watertight (but have only tested with a hose) its big and sturdy.
I purchased this to use for weatherproof storage in a truck bed (when space allows) as well or hitch mounted cargo tray. Beyond the actual product, I have to say that ETrailer was the best online buying experience yet. Please note: Delivery unavailable, trailers are only available for collection from our showroom in Hampshire. Superbly finished box van trailers with very strong taper-line chassis and effective aerodynamic front end. Undergear: Avonride full galvanised beam, independent softride suspension system with auto reverse brakes.
I probably shan't need a repeat order as what I am doing is a one-off, but if I did I would come back fto Trailertek as my first choice.

PVC-coated nylon material with covered zipper and welded seams keeps your gear clean and dry. This is the etrailer extra large cargo bag for hitch mounted cargo carriers, 20 cubic foot size.
We were able to pack 2 large suit cases, 3 smaller suit cases and a duffel bag in this cargo bag, and traveled 1700 miles round trip without any issues.
Its just a little wide for my custom carrier I built, but tied down and traveled just fine.I have a down hitch so I can still open my back door and the lights and license plate are not covered up. It carries luggage, skis, sports equipment, tents, sleeping bags, and anything else that will fit inside. Now this is an extra large weather proof bag which will protect your luggage, your camping equipment, all your gold clubs from the elements. This is the etrailer extra large cargo bag for hitch mounted cargo carriers in a 20 cubic foot size. I have been using waterproof river bags to keep my gear clean and dry but they are not large enough and I need several.
Because of its size and thickness of the material, it may need to be coaxed around the corners but just opening the front alone gives adequate access to the interior for loading.
Dust is my main concern but it has endured some pretty long hard thunderstorms without a leak be sure the flaps are closed over the zipper. It allows me to accomidate 6 people in the veichical and carry all of our luggage for a 7 day trip. It is extremely heavy duty and did not leak at all even in days of significant rainfall in Florida. I had to have more space after trading an F-250 for a Lexus LX570, and the bag allows me to protect and contain what we take with us for a month to the Colorado house.

After two April trips through storms where we were absolutely pummeled with rain, this bag worked like a CHAMP! It is a pleasure to put it in the back of the truck and then toss stuff in it without concern that it will blow out or be open to prying eyes. If it does acquire a hole or tear, the ripstop material is designed to prevent the hole or tear from expanding. The straps are a little interesting to secure and make sure they dont flap against the rear of the vehicle enroute damaging the paint, but we were able to do so effectively.
I am a retired sailor that used to work in an environment where we had to lash EVERYTHING down or it would get sucked into a propeller. And for added weather protection, the seams are fused together to create a watertight seal.
So it is in my nature to secure the crap out of everything, let me tell you, this could not function any easier or be more secure, ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!! Large, Zippered OpeningA large, double-zippered opening on top of the bag makes it easy to load and unload your cargo. There is a flap with hook-and-loop fasteners that provides extra moisture protection for your cargo and helps protect the zipper from rust and corrosion. You can add a small padlock (131D - sold separately) to the zippers to secure your cargo.Nylon Tie-Down Straps6 Nylon tie-down straps secure the bag to your hitch-mounted carrier or roof rack. Simply feed the short end of the strap into the buckle attachment on the bag and buckle the long end to your rack.

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