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Shipping container homes are a new way of obtaining a cheaper home and acquiring a new lifestyle for your family. King County in Washington has about 26,000 acres of parks and open spaces with trails, trees, and streams.
Container homes are featured including architecture, design, style and building information for steel vessels that were once used for shipping and cargo. Cargo containers are of increasing interest to architects who plan to make them into homes, offices and other buildings through simple modifications and conversions.
Well it is now September in Costa Rica and the shipping container home building business is preparing for its newest container home model.
Shipping container homes, offices and buildings offer low cost, efficiency and flexibility.
In a forest on the outskirts of Ottawa, Canada, Joseph Dupuis built a home out of three shipping containers. As a renewable energy engineer in Algonquin College, he calls his home “a giant science experiment” while constantly tinkering with new additions. The 29-year-old barely has to pay for utility bills—his most expensive cost is his phone plan, since it includes Internet access. Water is drawn from a neighbour, and flows into his home from a holding chamber behind the kitchen.

Dupuis considers his home a proof-of-concept, showing that people don’t need to buy expensive homes and be in debt for the majority of their lives in order to achieve happiness. Once upon a time, you had to buy passage on a freight ship headed out to sea in order to see a stack of containers piled high to the sky all around you.
His own home, for example is constructed out of eight used shipping containers stacked on a residential lot.
At the more conventional end of the container home design spectrum is this modern-style house that combines concrete, stone, glass, metal and a set of multicolored shipping containers at its core.
Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! The cost to obtain the shipping container itself was $3,000, and it's estimated that about $20 to $25,000 will be required to turn it from a big empty metal box into a viable dwelling. Dupuis’ home is a 355 square foot single-storey room with heated floors, a wood burning fireplace and solar panels on the roof. Even with heated floors in the winter, the cumulative total from heating costs to phone bills is $35. There’s no toilet in the home, with Dupuis opting instead for an outhouse in the backyard, which keeps his water usage low and stops him from having to register the home as a “dwelling” (meaning he can break it down and move it whenever he wants). Nowadays more and more architects and builders are finding used free or for sale cargo containers at discount prices to construct all kinds of houses, homes and office structures.

On top of that he has come up with all kinds of engaging cargo home plans and designs that range from simply, sturdy and easy-to-construct to complex, conceptual, whimsical and nearly impossible to build.The above sequence of shipping container housing structures sits somewhere in the middle. While they bear little resemblance to their freight-bearing cousins of the sea, each container unit still stands out within the overall design.What if you heard there was a new condo space for sale, but that you had to bring your own condo with you once you buy it? The finished home is expected to be finished and unveiled to the public by this fall, at which point the student caretaker will move in, and MUFI plans to have the intern document their experience with a blog. However, lest you think you need to go the route of hiring a professional, you should know that some do-it-yourself designers like Keith Dewey are making do with their own shipping container home plans.
Built around standard sizes, these buildings use a combination of the container cores and conventional wood framing, metal shed roofs and other inexpensive and conventional building materials and construction approaches.
Talk about an extreme DIY project, this shipping container tower design is a great concept for futuristic portable and modular housing. While it would be by no means a free ride to a new home, these standard components combined with used containers would help bring down the costs considerably.

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