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Underground Rectangular Concrete Water Tanks by Versatile Tanks -->Rectangular concrete tank manufacturers. If your question is about the element design output of STAAD.Pro (DESIGN ELEMENT NNN), then, the area of steel to resist the MX moment is denoted as longitudinal reinforcement, and, the reinforcement required to resist MY is denoted as transverse reinforcement. Those areas are calculated using the assumption that the longitudinal direction bars are on the outside layer and transverse bars form the inside layer. Thus, the bars to resist MX are on the outside, and bars to resist MY are on the inside, for top as well as the bottom of the element. So, you need to turn on the element axes icons and find out which directions the local X and local Y are aligned along.
If you want the bars along a specific direction, say, up and down bars on the outside, and bars along the length of the tank on the inside, the model needs to have its local X set to up and down, and local Y parallel to global Z. In large waste water treatment plants, the flocculator and the clarifier are combined together to achieve economy in construction.
Plate and Tube Settlers have been developed as an alternative to shallow basins and are used in conjunction with both existing and specially designed sedimentation basins. The shape, hydraulic radii, angle of inclination, and length of the plate and tube settlers will vary according to the particular installation.
To be self-cleaning, plate or tube settlers are usually set at an angle between 45° and 60° above the horizontal. Tube settlers are a light weight structure composed of closely spaced tubes on an incline (usually between 45° and 60°). The above figure shows the supporting framework, module installation and settler positioning at Inlet clarifier in waste water treatment. High rate tube settlers are designed to improve the characteristics of the rectangular basin and to increase flow through the tank.
Tube settlers and lamella plates are very useful in plants where site area is limited, in packaged plants, or to increase the capacity of the existing shallow basins. Careful attention is necessary for ,the design of inlet and outlet structures to avoid turbulence and uneven flow. Because the center-well in these units is often shaped like an inverted cone, the rise rate of the water decreases as it rises through the steadily enlarging cross section. Sludge blanket efficiency depends on the filtering action as the freshly coagulated or flocculated water passes through the suspended floc. Coagulant water is stored in the upper part of the vacuum chamber for a given period by creating vacuum.
The hydraulic force is then released, and the coagulated water is pulsed at a high velocity through distribution pipes into the Pulsator. A set of channels (launders) is provided at the top of the Pulsator to collect the clarified water evenly.

Atmospheric pressure is immediately applied to the water stored in the vacuum chamber, which pushes the water into the perforated distribution pipes at high speed. When the water level inside the vacuum chamber reaches the low level approximately 10 – 20 cm above that in the Pulsator, the air inlet valve is closed and the cycle begins once again with creation of vacuum. The sludge blanket in the bottom part of the Pulsator is subjected to alternating vertical motions. Thus once in about 60 sec the water is pushed into pulsator through sludge blanket and the sludge blanket expands and shrinks once during that time. Frequency of pulsing is adjusted according to turbidity in raw water; For high turbidity shorter pulse interval (30 to 40 sec) and for low turbidity longer pulse interval 45 to 60 sec) is provided. The sludge blanket gradually increases in volume due to entrapping the impurities contained in the feed water.
Sludge concentrator contains number of hopper bottomed tanks; The sludge is extracted from the concentrators at regular intervals. In Vietnam there are many companies on the environment and waste water treatment, however, opportunities for cooperation between us is very encouraging. I think that with the strength of technology your company along with the convenient availability of us, we will have high quality products exclusive rights in Vietnam. If your company are interested in this, I hope the cooperation between PVME and your company successful. The Rectangular Single Skin Storage Tank is delivered by JA Envirotanks transport to the customers premises. This is because, effective depth for MX is chosen to be greater than the effective depth for MY.
Align the longitudinal bars with the local X axis as the outside layer, and, align the transverse bars along the local Y axis as the inside layer. The combined unit of flocculator and clarifier is known as clariflocculator in waste water treatment process. Plate and Tube Settlers are shallow settling devices consisting of stacked offset trays or bundles of small plastic tubes of various geometries.
Normal practice is to insert the plate or tube settlers in sedimentation basins (either rectangular or circular) of sufficient depth. When the angle of inclination of plate or tube is more than 60° the efficiency of the settling basin decreases. The tube settlers consist of a series of tubes that are installed at a 600 angle to the surface of the tank. After coagulation and or flocculation in the sludge blanket units, the incoming water passes through the suspended layer of previously formed floc. When the level of the sludge blanket rises above a specified level (weir level), and sludge spills into the concentrators.

One of the us specialize in implementing projects of technical infrastructure such as water supply, drainage and wastewater treatment. Now that the Vietnamese government is very interested in this development environment, especially environmental waste water. The selection and application of technology in the world are also companies in the country to apply. Clariflocculator shall have two concentric tanks with inner tank serving as flocculation basin and outer tank serving as clarifier. The flow within the basin passes upward through the plate or tube modules and exits from the basin above the modules.
If the plates and tubes are inclined at angles less than 45°, settler will tend to accumulate solids, which must be flushed out periodically (usually with high pressure hose). Settling within these tubes and contact clarification of fine floc results in a build-up of particles on the tube surfaces.
The entire installation may be completed in three days in an existing Water Treatment Plant, the clear water storage was filled to capacity prior to installation of the tube settlers to allow for the three days the plant was off line. In practice, the top sludge interface is carried at the highest safe level to prevent upsets that might result in large amounts of floc carryover into the overflow. The solids that settle out within the plates or tubes move by means of gravity counter currently downward and out of the tube modules to the basin bottom.
The need for flushing poses a problem with the use of plate and tube settlers where the characteristics of the solids to be removed vary from day to day. Particles combine to form agglomerates which become heavy enough to slough against the upward flow and slide down the tube slope to join the sludge blanket below.
Particles have a tendency to flow at an angle different than the water and to contact the tube at some point before reaching the top of the tube.
After particles have been removed from the flow and collected on the tubes, they tend to slide down the tube and back into the sludge zone. The sludge blanket level is often highly sensitive to changes in throughput, coagulant addition, and changes in raw water chemistry and temperature. They have unique internal patented ribs for strength, using 40mpa concrete, super plactsisior & steel deformed bars. Tanks are engineered to be driven over by light traffic, therefore can be incorporated into driveways & garage floors.

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