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Storage boxes may have one primary function – to keep stuff away from sight – but they can be used in a variety of ways, as not only functional, but also decorative accessories.
I love this idea to make those ugly cardboard boxed we keep toys in look cuter - use colored duct tape. Quoted from Better Homes and Gardens: Max out available space in an office closet with adjustable wire shelving.
Shoebox Cord Keeper: Recharge your portable electronics — cell phone, iPod, BlackBerry, PDA — without getting your wires crossed. Organization in a Box This little tin is the ultimate handmade gift for someone who likes to keep things in order.

Scan the gallery below to learn how to use large decorative storage boxes to keep your place organized and make it more attractive. Its rectangular body is made of durable plastic and covered in light linen with black edging. Use open baskets for supplies you access regularly and boxes with lids for infrequently used items.
By repurposing a low-tech shoebox, you can organize and safeguard your high-tech accessories. Tabbed index cards are perfect for filing gift lists, receipts, decorating ideas, and more.

Wall Storage Bins from Old Crates: The adorable pastel paint on these takes them from looking dumpy to delightful.

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